Thursday, 23 January 2014

Colour Selection Day - Not As Fun As You Might Think

In the process of building a house you would be forgiven for thinking that the day you pick all of your colours and finishes would be up there on the fun-scale. After all, isn't that why you decided to build rather than buy in the first place? 

You spend months debating over the 50 shades of greige in your selection pack only to discover that "June Fog" is exactly the same colour as "Silver Pendant", drive yourself and everyone around you mad asking whether you should go for the white or dark kitchen cabinets and become so acutely aware of the various shades of Colorbond available that you can name them on sight.

By the time your plans are passed through the various councils and government bodies required to build your stock-standard, same as all the others, house, you will be sick to death of even thinking about colour schemes and just wish the bloody house was built already! 

So. Many. Greys.

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