Saturday, 2 July 2011

I’m Grateful For… Visits From My Mum

Ever since Skye was born, my mum has come to visit us once a week. Of course we see each other at other times too, but we have a regular ‘play-date’ usually mid week to enjoy a girls day together. Some days we go out and do some shopping, sometimes mum stays at home with Skye so I can get out and run some errands quickly, sometimes we walk down to the lake and enjoy a coffee and other times we just hang out at home enjoying each others company.

1st Week 026

Having these weekly visits from mum helped me to overcome some of the isolation I felt as a new mum. Before Skye had swimming, play groups at the gym and Family Day Care it was a welcome break from the monotony of being at home day-in-day-out and gave me some much needed adult conversation. Needless to say mum was also immensely helpful in reassuring me that I was doing a good job with my new baby.


Mum understands that as much as I love Skye, it was overwhelming to hold her so much when she was first born so rather than buzzing around cleaning the house for me, mum would usually take over Skye-Patrol so I could have some space to do these things in peace. I had always taken my personal space for granted until I became a mum, just 5 minutes on my own to hang out some washing in the fresh air did wonders. The unspoken arrival of a cup of tea and toast while I was feeding Skye, the delivery of fresh fruit, muffins, bread and milk, and the washing up fairy getting my kitchen back under control were some of the small things made a huge impact on my happiness at a time when the responsibilities of a baby left me too drained to think about much else.

Now that Skye is a little bit older, I still look forward to these weekly visits and Skye certainly gets a lot out of it too. I am grateful that Skye and I have this weekly ritual with my mum and look forward to many more of our special girly days together.

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  1. It is the same with my Mum and I ... we have very regular visits since I had my daughter and we love the time together.. its nice to have your own Mum around when you are still discovering being a mum yourself.. if you are anything like me... you learn to appreciate your own mother more once you are one yourself!

  2. What a rocking mum she is. Precious time for the three of you. x

  3. Your Mum and Nonna Fran should get together.... on second thought Nonna Fran might take her to bali and then we would both be sad!

    it's poistively special to have a mum that loves you so much and demonstrates her love by being around and helping. you're one lucky girl xx

  4. My mom passed away five years ago, when my youngest was only 5 months, so this lovely post has made me a little sad.

    It's obvious you have a wonderful relationship. It's so great that you make regular time to catch up.

    Stopping by from Maxabella's. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. What a great mum you have! It's so lovely seeing the love our own parents have for their grandchildren.

  6. @Dee I couldn't agree more Dee! I try to tell mum often how much I appreciate her now I am a mum myself.

  7. @Maxabella Thanks Maxabella, yes my mum is definately rocking! Thanks for visiting :)

  8. @Gemma @ My Big NutshellI will allow mum and Nonna Fran to take off to Bali as long as Nonna Fran teaches mum how to make Mojito Ice Cream!

  9. @Shelly - Tropical Mum Hi Shelly, I am sorry to hear that you have lost your mum. My mum lost her mother when I was very little too and that's one of the reasons we think this regular time is so important. Thank you for visiting :)

  10. @Muddled Up MummaHi Jodie, my mother-in-law always says that having grandchildren is even more exciting for her than having her own, all care, no responsibility I suppose, sorry hubby :)


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