Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Just When I Thought I Had Run Out Of Things To Talk About

I was beginning to worry I had lost a bit of my mojo this week and was not sure if I had anything much to say when the blogging gods took pity on me and helpfully gave me something to write about – NITS! You just scratched your head didn’t you? I know, because I have been resisting the urge all afternoon since I discovered poor Skye was riddled with them.  

I had noticed that she had been scratching her head lately but I figured with that wild mop of hair she has it might have just been needing a wash and a decent comb through. Luke’s mum mentioned it to me also after she looked after her over the weekend so I had a look and straight away saw one run across the back of her head. Oh crap, Luke is away for the week and I haven’t the faintest what to do but this needs to be dealt with right now. So I call my close-by seen it all before mum friend pleading for assistance and after giving instructions on slathering in conditioner she arrives with her trusty combs to take on the task of combing her way through this.


Of course an energetic 20 month old with limited language skills and an even more limited attention span is not the ideal candidate for sitting still while her hair gets picked and pulled at. I am ashamed to say that I resorted to bribery, Skye has never been given chocolate (well, not by me anyway) but I needed something worthy of her being totally focussed on and it worked wonders. What a relief! Of course this will have to go on for a few days yet before we are clear but I am hoping that the first treatment is the worst.

Just when I thought we had things under control I remembered all the bedding! I am still in the process of trying to catch up from our clothesline collapsing when we were away last week while it was fully loaded and now I have to wash all Skye’s bedding, the extra bedding we took with us on holiday and everything on our bed because she has recently taken to wrestling on there. Of course our dryer is cactus and the weather is still a little dicey so its going to be a mission that will probably take me all week! Below is what I was facing BEFORE I had to strip all the beds…


I am sorry that today’s story is still not particularly exciting, but you have to have a slow week once in a while I suppose. Besides, I doubt I would be able to handle the pace if last weekend was a regular occurrence.

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