Sunday, 17 July 2011

Listography–Top 5 Gigs

Taking part once again in Kate Takes 5 Listography Linky. Due to my lateness in submitting, some of my other choices have already been taken a couple of times (Nirvana) so I have had to dig a little deeper. Here is my list of top 5 gigs I would give my right arm to see.

Ben Harper
Truly one of my all time favourite artists. I have missed out on seeing him tour for so many years, largely because none of my friends share my enthusiasm. I just love the emotion in his voice and his albums are on high rotation on my iPod.

Foo Fighters
I am currently working on convincing Luke this would be worth the trip to Sydney to see when they tour in December. I have loved Foo Fighters for many years and I figure any band that has spent that much time touring would have to be amazing to see live. I watched a documentary on them recently and I had forgotten just how many great albums they have released.

I have only heard good things about Jamiroquai’s live shows, I defy anyone to stand still listening to this.

Kanye West
Yeah, we all know he is a bit of a douche, but you have to admit, he has some pretty catchy tunes. There’s a fair chance he is going to say something stupid while he is standing up there in charge of a microphone too.

A legacy of my teenage angst years, there is something so powerful about Maynard’s voice. The lyrics can be quite funny in a warped kind of way too. (Language warning on this one kiddies).


  1. You will hate me because my partner has dragged me along to several Ben Harper and Foo Fighters concerts. Well not dragged exactly, but I wouldn't have gone if he hadn't bought the tickets. They indeed rocked!

  2. Oh Lee, yes I am VERY jealous! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it, even if you weren't enthusiastic beforehand :)

  3. Much as I despise the man behind Jamiroquai I have to admit that it would be a super cool gig to be at and I do secretly love the music :)

  4. Loe love love Ben Harper - reminds me of my year out in Oz and seeing him at the Big Day Out - so good.

  5. @KateWow Kate, you have seen Ben Harper in Oz and I haven't ! How slack am I??? I also have yet to attend a BDO (hangs head in shame)


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