Sunday, 17 July 2011

I’m Grateful… For Hubby Being There In My Time Of Need

My Saturday Grateful post is a little late this week as I have been out of action with a nasty bout of food poisoning. Ironically, my grateful post was going to be about enjoying the peace and quiet while Luke has been away for work, but I really could not have managed without him yesterday, so instead, I am saying a massive thank you.


As you may have seen earlier this week, Luke is going to be away for work for quite a few months but will be coming home on weekends. It was probably fortunate that I was hit with food poisoning the night he came home because even though my mum would have come to help in a heartbeat, she lives an hour away which can be a very long time when you have a toddler needing to be fed, changed and cuddled and you are struggling to even lay down comfortably.


After little to no sleep and spending the night on the lounge, I was relieved when Luke sent me to bed and took over just in time for Skye to wake up. I am so used to taking care of the majority of household and child related tasks that I have to admit I was expecting to be asked 4,000 questions throughout the day but I did not hear a peep out of either of them.


It was dinner time before I was ready to surface and by then Skye had been given her dinner, bathed and was ready to be put to bed. All of which Luke did without me having to get involved once. Even the kitchen was spotless! I often get resentful because I feel I am suppose to look after everything when really I am making things harder on myself than I need to because I won’t ask for help. It is wonderful to know that Luke is not only more capable than I had given him credit for, but also much more willing to help out than I assumed.



  1. Oh no, food poisoning is horrible, poor Erin. I'm glad your husband was home just in time to keep the home fires burning. x

  2. Thanks! I am feeling much better now, largely because I was able to take it easy. Hubby was definately my knight in shining armour last week :)

  3. Go Team Erin and Luke :)


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