Sunday, 24 July 2011

I’m Grateful For…A Night Out

July has shaped up to be quite a social time for us with 1st birthday parties, baby showers and the beginnings of a very busy run of 30th’s. This weekend was the first (other than Luke’s early last month) of many coming up which was to be held in the town that Luke and I grew up in. We have both been really looking forward to this particular night because a lot of people we have been wanting to catch up with would be there in one convenient location. Nannie was booked in for babysitting duties and I had found the perfect pair of new jeans so we were all set for a big one.

Like most new mums, after having Skye, particularly while I was breastfeeding, I had struggled to really enjoy a night out because I was always worried that I would be called home suddenly. As she has gotten older we have had the odd party or function to attend child-free, but we are far from social butterflies and we very rarely go to licenced premises for these events. With the stress of Luke being away for work, having a whole week of rain when Skye and I went to visit and arriving home to discover the clothesline had collapsed under the weight of the torrential rain we have had I was looking forward to unwinding with some old friends.


We arrived a little late to the party and almost everyone was already there so we went straight to the bar to order some drinks before heading outside to say hello to the birthday boy. It would seem that I have been in need of letting my hair down more than I realised because within an embarrassingly small number of drinks I had begun drawing attention to myself. Fortunately though, by that time I was not too concerned by what people were thinking or saying. I did manage to refrain from partaking in the karaoke portion of the evening, but of course, dancing is an entirely different matter for me so I stormed the empty stage and shook it like a polaroid picture. Elaine Bennis eat your heart out.


Bless Luke, he just stood back and let me go, sadly he has seen it all before and really he expects it. Some of my friends I have not seen in a while however were a little less impressed by my behaviour and felt that Luke should tell me to calm down. I’m sorry, but my dancing on the stage is hardly more disgraceful than their previous rendition of Robbie Williams “Angels”, or the girl who had been in the bathrooms making a mess of herself for so long that someone had bought a bar stool in for her to sit on. I did decide it was time to go an sit down when one of the other patrons in the pub informed me that I would make a great Pole Dancer though. Nothing like being offered unsavoury career prospects from strangers to sober you up.

I am grateful we had taken the opportunity to feel like our pre-baby selves for a few hours and for the boost it gave our morale. Luke and I both had a great night which compensated for the sore heads the next morning. Now I just have to prepare myself for the double header we are attending next weekend, I think I will leave my phone at home this time…

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  1. Nothing better than letting the hair down and reconnecting with your pre-mumma self! You go girl and don't let the stiffs get you down!

    And BUGGER about the clothesline! Sheesh.


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