Monday, 18 July 2011

We’re Going On Our First Family Holiday!

OK, so technically Luke will be working and Skye and I will be on holiday, but for someone who hasn’t had a holiday in 5 years I’m not about to start getting picky. It turns out that the accommodation that Luke will be staying in for the next few months is a quite large holiday house very close to the beach and since work has only just begun, its the perfect time for us to make it into a bit of a family holiday. YIPEE!


Like all travel rookies, there have been a couple of glitches in my preparations.

My first mistake – forgetting to send a few things up with Luke when he left this morning so Skye and I will actually fit in the car once it is packed. After a couple of “I need to pack the whole house” moments, I have reminded myself that we are not going to a deserted island and we will be able to buy whatever I have forgotten if needed.

My second mistake – realising that I won’t be going anywhere until I send all the end of year accounts to the accountants, then staying up until the wee hours this morning completing then.

Since they always come in 3’s – having my bulk grocery shopping last week made redundant by the fact that cold stuff will be out of date once we return and I am not prepared to haul a week’s worth of food up there when food expenses are covered under the conditions of the contract. This could have been avoided if dear husband had given me more notice than mentioning on Sunday night that we should come up the following day…

All in all I don’t think we have done too badly, so I am going to make the most of having a new area to explore and spending some relaxation time with my favourite people. I am hoping to do my regular posts while I am away but I am sure you will forgive me if they are a little inconsistent.

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  1. Have fun! Hope you get to do lots of relaxing and re-charge the batteries :-)


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