Monday, 25 July 2011

Listography–Lessons I Learned From My Parents

Sending a little love to my mum and dad for this Listography courtesy of Kate Takes 5.

Mince is one of the most versatile and inexpensive ingredients you can use
Spag bol was a regular meal in our house but mince also was used for mexican, meatloaf, lasagne, rissoles, pizzas, you name a mince dish, mum probably made it, and it was delicious.

080 sketti 1

Netball is not the only sport girls can participate in
Actually I have never played netball. Mum and I started Tae Kwon Do when I was about 8 and trained together for roughly 5 years before I became a teenager and lost interest in any kind of sporting activities. Thankfully I got past my ‘I’m too cool for exercise’ phase and it’s once again a passion. Martial Arts taught me respect, discipline and how to kick someone in the temple – which I can still do. That would be my mum with her back to the camera on the left.


Your education is your own responsibility
I went to Public Schools through my whole education and still did very well. I was not sure what career I was interested in but I knew that the better marks I got, the more options I had. The fact that mum and dad did not fork out a small fortune to send me to a Private School did not disadvantage my choices in any way.

Many different genres of music can be considered good
Most of my family is musical in some way. Dad plays the drums and mum plays guitar. There was almost always music playing somewhere in the house and I still know all the words to INXS The Swing. Their extensive vinyl collection opened my mind to the times of Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull and Jimi Hendrix when current radio was offering fabricated tripe of the “Barbie Girl” variety. Depending on my mood I will listen to just about any type of music and I know that is because of the varied exposure I received during childhood.


Your parents will love you now matter what
Beyond our immediate family, due to distance and circumstances we have little contact with our relatives which can be hard on all of us. All three of us have tested our parents (some more than others) at some stage but I have always been certain that I could never do anything to stop my parents loving me unconditionally. They are my safety net and I know above all else they are there for me.

scott and nicky 2

I could still kick my brother for getting married 6 weeks after I had Skye though, how inconsiderate!


  1. Awesome list!! With you on the martial arts. My dad is a 2nd dan in Judo and I did karate for 5 years. And... Led Zeppelin are. Gods. ;-)

  2. All excellent pass-downable lessons!

  3. LOVE the family photo! NOM NOM one number one! x

  4. Mince IS the most versatile ingredient, your mum was absolutely right. I love that. And the same person can love Led Zep, Dire Straits, Mozart and Puccini. Great list.

  5. I love making things with mince. I think that it could very well have it's own recipe book. I also think that unconditional love from your parents is something you come to understand so much more when you have children of your own. x

  6. love this list, especially the mince one! Your music lesson is very similar to one of mine as well

  7. Great list! That is true about music...

  8. What a cool Mum you have. I wouldn't want to cross her. Great list!

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  9. I agree about the mince just wish my bloody husband would eat the damned stuff! Great list

  10. Spag bol is my favourite food, and I probably could eat it more than once a week, but sadly my husband has grown to dislike it (could be something to do with how often I cook this meal).

    Love your taste in music. I'm completely all over the shop when it comes to music. I can listen to music my grandparents listened to and then enjoy something from Top 40 to jazz, country, blues and classical. The only genre I can't find something positive to say about it death metal.

    I love what you said about public vs private schools. I often wonder whether I am doing the right thing by sending my children to a state school when all around my friends are forking out the dosh to send their children to expensive private schools. It is wasted thought really, because I just couldn't afford it anyway.

    Popping in from Listography. Have a great Wednesday!

  11. loved your list Erin. you're family are really interesting. Bloody netball, too many nasty people, at least you'd be able to smack them out in a dark alley with your skills!


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