Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Daddy Has To Go Away For Work :(

Luke is off today for a contract further up the coast, the job is expected to take 4 long months – YIKES! Thankfully he is still close enough to come home on weekends and because they have arranged a holiday house for the accommodation, Skye and I will be making the most of the lovely beachside location as much as possible too.


As much as I think that I take care of everything around here, I know I am going to really miss him during the nightmare hours between 5pm and bedtime when I am trying to cook dinner, feed and bath Skye and attempt to return the house to some kind of controlled chaos rather than the stage 5 tornado he is greeted with every afternoon.  I will miss having someone to tune out in front of the TV after dinner with, but on the upside, I will be in charge of the remote for a change.


I can see now I am going to busy myself with all kinds of little projects and I have already bought myself some totally girly new bed linen that I can enjoy without making sure he has clean feet before going to bed. I will share the new linen shortly, I have been waiting till Luke has left to break it out Winking smile

One of my friends often says that while she misses her husband when he is away with work, it is sometimes easier to only have to worry about herself and the kids, especially at meal times. I can see the early-bird special becoming a regular at our place and the slow cooker is definitely going to get a workout.


Does your partner have to go away for work often? How do you find it effects the dynamics of the house?


  1. My husband used to work away a lot when in the first couple of years we were together and I hated it. Now because it happens so rarely, like one week in of 4 months it's a refreshing change. I miss him like crazy but distract myself with so many projects. It's unbelievable how much I get done when he's away. One less tradie in the house equals a lot less cleaning up too!!

  2. My husband has just started FIFO work a month ago. His shifts aren't too bad (5 days on 5 off) but I have found adjusting to having him home/not home a little trying.

    We have found we need to make time to sit and chat a lot more to make sure we're on the same page. I miss the general day to day talking while making dinner etc which is usually when we sort a lot of stuff out and vent. My son 5 misses him a lot but my daughter is only 7 months and doesn't really know what's going on.

    I am keeping busy with friends and family but am coming down with a cold or flu which might prove challenging by myself with 2 little ones.

    I recently bought a car and last time he was back he was driving it and we got sideswiped on a highway by a truck. I told him if that's what I can expect when he comes home not to bother next time...lol jks. Now he is gone again and it's up to me to deal with the insurance companies etc to sort it out.

    All in all though it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Considering the first 9 years we've been together we rarely spent a night apart, this is a huge change. It has and will take a lot of adjustment and compromise but so long as the rewards outweigh the sacrifice you should be fine.

    Enjoy the holiday house too:)

  3. Yes Kaz I am with you on the less mess factor! I am sure that Skye and I will find our own routine, I hadn't considered how much it would affect Skye, I thought she would be too little to really notice daddy not here but biy she noticed tonight. She refused to get out of the bath because daddy hadn't come in to wash her yet. She is not talking but she made her feelings more that clear!


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