Sunday, 31 July 2011

I’m Grateful For… Many Small Yet Significant Things

This week has been pretty challenging in the land of Eat Play Bond. Nothing serious, but draining and exhausting none-the-less. It could have been very easy to let the strain drag me down but the reason I love the Maxabella Loves Weekly Grateful is that it gives me the chance to look for the silver lining, to shift my perspective into something positive and remember that life is always going to have its setbacks, but wallowing in self pity won’t get you anywhere. It’s such a great was to wrap up your week and its wonderful to share the happy moments with the talented bloggers who contribute to the list.

At the start of this week I really only had one goal I was determined to achieve, rewash all of the washing that had been ruined when our clothesline collapsed last week in the torrential rain. Our dryer is broken and our only drying space is outside and subject to the elements so the fact that it was still raining was causing some issues.

Monday afternoon threw me another challenge, Skye had acquired some new friends of the itchy variety – NITS! I was completely floored and was not sure how to tackle the problem as she is still so young and I was home alone. This also added to the overwhelming amount of washing I had to deal with.

Were it not for some small yet significant blessings, I may not be feeling quite so grateful. Once I started thinking about all the things that had brought a smile to my face this week, I realised that I really only had 2 minor hurdles to overcome. Since there are so many positives, I thought a short list may be the best way to share. This week I am most grateful for:

  • Friends that will drop everything for you as soon as asked, and volunteer their dryer to help ease the load too
  • Nit Picker nit combs


  • Seeing the clouds lift and the sunshine stream into our backyard
  • Cake Pops (need I say more?)


  • Other friends who know that while you may tell them you are having a quiet night, you really need that second bottle of exceptional red wine as a reward for surviving a long week
  • The trivial thrill of wearing your hottest boots for a night out with friends


  • Seeing a little girl still beaming after being subjected to 2 hours of combing and picking


  • And of course, my mum who stayed with me 2 nights this week just to lend a hand, then looked after Skye all weekend so Luke and I could go out and party


  1. They are seriously hot boots!

    Can't believe how good those cake pops look - mine have always been a total failure but I can't seem to stop making them. SURELY practice will eventually make almost-okay?

    Not nits! NOooooooOOoooOooooo... x

  2. @MaxabellaThanks! I don't drag them out often but I do love a hot pair of shoes.

    I can't take the credit for these cake pops, they were made by a very clever baker friend and were divine.

    Yes nits are a nightmare! I think we have it under control now but I haven't been able to stop scratching my own head either.


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