Monday, 1 August 2011

I Think I Just Outed Myself

As I have mentioned before, I have been keeping my blog on the down-low from most of my family and friends (and hubby) to avoid the questions about why I bother and the smart remarks about having too much time on my hands. I am fairly happy with this arrangement and don’t really have any plans to change it, but it seems that a little alcohol impairs my judgement (who knew?) and I may very well have blown my own cover…

It all started out innocently enough, we were all going out to a nice restaurant to celebrate a friends 30th. We had all agreed that as we had another 30th to go to the following night, we would be taking it easy at this one. Also, I have a bit of an issue with paying the exorbitant markup on bottles of wine in restaurants so I was planning on just having a couple of beers and heading home. Apparently I don’t actually possess that kind of self-control however, so when one of my friends suggested we split a bottle of red I figured why not? The wine was so smooth and luscious that it was hard to resist and since it had been a bit of a long week I really was enjoying every single sip.

Unfortunately because there was such a large group of us, the meals took a little while to come out to the table which meant that a SECOND bottle of wine was ordered, before I knew it we were well into that next bottle and I had started getting a little ‘chatty’. The birthday boy, whom I have known for many years and never thought of as the social network type announced that he had a Twitter account. Once the laughter died down, I informed him that I also have a Twitter account and we proceeded to search for each other. After many attempts by him to remember his own account name, which was so poorly spelt I didn’t have a snowflakes chance of finding without assistance, we finally had success. In my plonky state it didn’t occur to me that I had effectively just outed myself in a room full of people I hadn’t planned on ever telling. On the upside, my Twitter admission was probably overshadowed by my other rather loud, hiccup riddled stories.

Of course I know it was only a matter of time before people found out about it, and I should have known that I would probably blab while under the influence of a few drinkies, but I still feel a little uneasy about it. I don’t think that my posts would change even if my real world were all reading it regularly and honestly I doubt most of them would bother anyway. It may well turn out to be a positive thing and I may look back at this and wonder why I went to the trouble to keeping it quiet for so long. I guess only time will tell, in the meantime, I will be making more of an effort to think before I open my mouth!


  1. Haha...well if they say you have too much time on your hands just let them know that you're brightening other people's lives with your little insights.

    I do feel slightly...(ok hugely) stalkerish checking out your blogs and having a giggle when I don't even know you but somehow reading about another mum and the similar challenges in her life makes me feel a little bit less stressed and

    We too have many 30th's coming up this year (including mine in a month...eek!!!) and I am sure on at least one occasion I will have a little (ok a lot) too much to drink and say things I shouldn't, dance a little crazy and hug and kiss way too many people.


    P.S. While typing this I lost sight of my 8 month old DD and just found her sitting in my room chewing a clean (thankfully) pair of my undies....oh the joys!!!

  2. Oh I know what you mean! The day after I set up my Facebook page I felt a little bit sick actually! Before that, IRL my best friend read it but only occasionally, because she didn't want to feel like she was prying. I must say though, I have received mostly support and new readers! There have been a few behind the scenes pot shots taken at me (about Precious, because "Why does she need CHARITY?") - but I know it's only from jealous people with no real insight into my life. So I have learnt to keep calm and carry on blogging :)
    I hope your "outing" doesn't stir up any trouble for you!

  3. Thanks Anna, you really brightened my day with your lovely comments. I am glad to have stalkers like you.
    I hope you enjoy your upcoming party's especially your own, just blame the booze, that's what I do hehehe.
    Ah it's amazing the things they get into, Skye likes to wear my undies (also clean) as a necklace - kids!


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