Monday, 22 August 2011

Things I DON’T Miss About My Pre Baby Life

One of the first posts I published talked about some of the things I miss about my pre-baby life. I am sure I am not the only person who has experienced days as a new mum where you wonder how you ever thought you were qualified to handle your new role, but just when it starts to all get too much, I remember a few of the things I have left behind...

1st Week 005 skye

1. Walking straight in the door and starting dinner
If we were going to eat before 9pm, dinner had to be on its way from the minute I walked through the door.

2. Spending a fortune on petrol
Even before we were paying over $1.50 a litre the cost of fuel took a pretty big chunk of my income, it didn't help that I had to do a 2 hour round trip just to get to work each day.

3. Mondays
Ok so obviously Monday's still exist once you have a baby, but Mondays are actually something I look forward to now. I deliberately don't do any planned activities on Monday's so Skye can catch up on any lost sleep from the weekend and I can get myself organised for another week, its kind of like having a Long Weekend every week!

muffins and scrolls

4. Staff Meetings / Deadlines / Office Politics
Really, there are just a lot of things that happen at work that aren't that fun. 

5. Being questioned about when I am going to have kids
The never ending "next" about getting married, buying houses and of course having kids, this hasn't really stopped though, now I get asked about when I am going to have ANOTHER kid!

6. Waking up hungover most weekends
Hangover's and small children simply do not mix, I am sure that my liver is grateful for my new found sense of responsibility.

7. Never been able to get to a bank or post office
Seriously! Why on earth do banks open later and close earlier than normal business hours?

8. Getting dressed and leaving the house regardless of the weather
The reality is that it doesn't happen very often, but when its pouring rain outside and you don't have any commitments, it’s so good to just hang out in your pj's and ugg boots for the day - hey, we can dream right?


9. Designated break / eating times
I used to go to Bootcamp before work which meant getting up at 5am. Combining the early start with the hard workout always made me so hungry I was ready to have lunch at 10am! I also love no longer having to pack my lunch every morning.

10. Having no idea what unconditional love REALLY means
It may be a case of ignorance is bliss, but I can't imagine believing I had lived my life fully if I hadn't experienced that overwhelming sense of love, protection and complete fear you only get when you hold your new baby for the first time.

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