Friday, 26 August 2011

A Celebration for Things I Know

Its a bit of a special week for me this week, I have hit my first blogging milestone by reaching 100 posts! (cue applause and wooting). When I first started I had no idea how long I would stay with it and whether it was something I would enjoy doing almost daily, now it is a normal part of my day and something I look forward to sitting down to work on. In fact this exact post will be my 100th so it seems only right that I link up with Yay For Home’s Things I Know to share what I have learned since I started blogging last April.


  • The blogging community is incredibly welcoming and supportive to clueless newbies. To date I have not encountered any competitive or negative behaviour and all the weekly link ups are a great opportunity to discover other blogs you may not know about, as well as sharing your own.
  • Facebook and Twitter are fantastic tools for connecting with people you wouldn’t have had the chance to ‘meet’ otherwise. It can also interfere with your ability to write actual posts for your blog because there are so many interesting things happening!
  • Because I like to keep my posts upbeat and happy, I now see things in a more positive light and don’t get as bogged down by minor setbacks. It really has changed my outlook on life for the better.
  • Being able to express my thoughts in a somewhat articulate manner and have others contribute their own insights is a great way to counter daily power struggles with a stubborn toddler.
  • Writing about the small and big things in our lives makes me happy, I look forward to sharing them with Skye when she gets older and hope that she will gain something from them when she has her own children.
So tell me, what do you know this week?
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