Monday, 29 August 2011

I Finally Did It–Bye Bye Lavender!

It would seem that the best way to get yourself motivated to finish things is to announce it on a blog or some other kind of public domain so you can’t keep procrastinating. Well, it was a pretty good kick in the pants for me anyway because I have already ticked one of my tasks off the list and painted our bedroom!

After living here for almost 8 years and removing almost all traces of the wall to wall purple paint that once adorned every vertical surface in our home we had not managed to fix our own bedroom. I started every day slightly agitated because it was the first thing I saw every morning. It’s also the first room you see when you come into our house so it was a little embarrassing for people to be greeted by this…


I had taken such a long time deciding on a colour that Luke had lost all motivation to drag out the paint brush again. I had originally wanted to put some shade of blue on the walls but I was worried that it would not be a big enough change from the lavender (which looks a little blue in this picture) and also because I have mainly blue bed linen I didn’t want any clashing tones.

Finally I opted for a warm grey called Dulux Mudpack for the feature wall and Dulux Whisper White for the other walls so it was a similar shade to the built-ins. In such a small room I didn’t want to be seeing three different wall colours from the doorway, hello headache!


Since Luke had hung up his roller long ago and was not likely to want to help out on the weekend after being away all week with work I decided to get all girl-power and just do it myself. I made my trip to Bunnings and stocked up on supplies including ceiling paint for touch ups and a bright white to freshen up the architraves and built-ins. If I was going to do it, I was going to make sure it was ALL freshly painted.

Once Skye was in bed for the night I got started with the primer. I am pretty much a painting novice with the exception of helping render the outside of our house but that was only as an assistant and only under close supervision. I was a little daunted especially when I couldn’t move the bed but I managed to muscle the mattress off and get the frame far enough away from wall to not splatter paint all over it. Note the awesome view from our window of our boat.


I was surprised by just how relaxing it was especially knowing that I would be able to work uninterrupted with Luke away and Skye in bed.


The following night I was able to paint the light colour and feature wall and was most impressed by my handiwork until the next day when I saw just how patchy the colour was due to me painting practically by mood lighting thanks to my low watt ceiling fan light. So the next day I freshened up the architraves and skirting then added the second coat to the walls. I waited till the following morning to put the furniture back and this is how it looks now that I am finished. To recap, here is the before again


And the finished product


I am so pleased with how it turned out and also love the new bedside lamp I picked up from Bunnings while I was purchasing the paint. Cute huh? Plus it was only $25, I am beginning to wonder if Bunnings is the new IKEA? I still need to put some photo frames above the bedhead to finish the wall off but for now I am just happy that the purple is gone.

Because I wasn’t sure whether I would actually get the chance to finish I had not told Luke of my painting plans so I was excited to surprise him when he arrived home. His first reaction was to demand to know who had helped me. Excuse me? I have awesome you have not even met yet! But he then told me he was very impressed with my work and that he was relieved that the paint tins in the shed were not waiting for him to make use of.

Now I have started I am thinking of adding a few more pops of wall colour around the house, in particular in Skye’s room where I figure I can be a bit more bright and daring!

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