Monday, 8 August 2011

Hooray for Colour!

Ok, so I am no fashion expert and I have no intentions of trying to keep up with likes of Styling You or Fox in Flats but after months of jeans and a thousand variations of grey something I am so excited to see all the bright colours being previewed in the new Spring Fashion Collections. A couple of weeks ago I was most displeased to see that the summer clothes were starting to hit the shelves but as the weather has warmed up nicely I am ready to shed my winter woolies in favour of a little fun.

I blame this handbag really, I was quite happy in my muted tones and heavy boots until I spotted this beauty from Country Road. The colour is so bright and happy and I have long had a love affair with their beautiful bags. I wonder how long it will be before my Aldi savings can pay for one of these baby’s…

cr bag

Once I saw this I was on the hunt for as much colour as I could find, and it would seem that this season is not going to disappoint. Everywhere right down to the budget friendly Big W is getting in on the action, check out this cute skirt, I am also a little bit in love with the red shoes.


I defy anyone to be cranky whilst wearing a pair of yellow shoes (Wanted Shoes)


Of course some items may not totally fit my current lifestyle, but I still thought this kaftan seen in the latest David Jones catalogue was too special to not mention. What? You think it might be a bit much for hanging the clothes out or ducking down the street for some milk? Yes okay, fair call, but in my head I would totally rock it.


Have you ventured into the new bold colours of summer yet? I would love you to share your favourite new finds.

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