Saturday, 20 August 2011

Grateful For… Finding a New Doctor

It has been a bit like Groundhog Day here this week and just like Groundhog Day, I wasn’t going to move forward until I made some changes. I had planned on having a quiet week to get over the flu, not going out too much and just enjoying laying low around the house. Skye it would seem, was not keen on that idea and made sure that we did in fact have to go out everyday, I am just not sure why she felt going to the doctor was so exciting that it was worth having to repeat daily. Allow me to elaborate…


On Tuesday I had asked my mum to come and save me after been up most of the night with Skye whilst trying to kick the flu myself. I should point out now that there did not seem to be anything particularly wrong with Skye, she had just woken up at 1am and felt that that would be the perfect time to have a bit of a party. Does this look like someone who would be happy to be put back into bed???


Hmmm that would be a no. Anyway, so mum had come over to help out and give me a chance to catch up on some sleep. She had just arrived so we were having a coffee and a chat all the while watching Skye relentlessly getting up and down on the dining chairs, telling her to stay off in case she hurts herself when the inevitable happened. BANG! Skye had pulled the chair over on her foot causing much screaming from her and much panicking from me. I won’t go into gory details but there was quite a bit of blood and I knew that I was not equipped to treat this properly myself. I phoned my doctor who at 1:30pm was already gone for the day (?!?!) but I was able to see the nurse who did the best she could with her limited training and we returned home.

I was most relieved and a little concerned to see that Skye was not at all bothered by her damaged toes. Despite the nails being so knocked up they are going to come off at some stage, she was not just walking normally, but running and even standing on her tippy toes! She’s such a tough little cookie. Naturally the light bandaging was no match for her boisterous behaviour so mum and I secured it as best as possible and returned the next day to have it dressed again.


After much back and forth between nurses and doctors Skye’s foot was bandaged again. This wrapping almost lasted the day but did need some tweaking before putting her to bed. Since we had previously made a follow up appointment for the next day I figured we may as well go back again and try to get a better idea of how to manage the cleaning and bandaging ourselves. At the risk of being seen as picky, I was not entirely happy with the wrapping placed on Skye’s foot because I didn’t see how it could possibly stay on for more than an hour. Sometimes I hate it when I’m right.


I am going to be grateful soon I promise, please bear with me.

I was discussing the situation with mum and remembered that a friend had mentioned a new practice in the area that was very good, and they were taking new patients. I had also heard from a couple of other people who had been patients just how good this practice was so I thought now would be as good a time as any to get on the books. One phone call and I was able to get in the next day (which would be appointment number 4 in as many days). 

Once again we made the trip in, but this time to a new doctor’s office. From the moment I entered the doctors room I was instantly at ease. He was warm and attentive and was able to keep Skye calm as he examined her feet and detailed all the possible short and long term impacts of her injury before wrapping her foot in some secure bandages and liberal taping. I couldn’t believe the difference. I left feeling a little bit in love with Skye’s new doctor just from a 15 minute visit. In fairness I have never felt particularly comfortable with my previous doctor, but I had stayed because it is so difficult to find a new doctor willing to accept new patients and even then you don’t know what you are getting. It felt as if a weight had lifted knowing that Skye’s ongoing medical care would be under someone that we both liked and had confidence in.

This week may have been a bit draining and repetitive but it forced me to make a change that had been needing to be made for some time. I am grateful that we have found a lovely new doctor, that my daughter is a tough little cookie that doesn’t let little things slow her down and that trusting my instincts has paid off.

What do you feel grateful for this week? Don’t forget to check out Maxabella Loves Saturday Grateful's for an inspiring and uplifting way to begin your weekend xx

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