Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The No Excuses To-Do List

There are so many little (and big) things around our place that I would love to make improvements to. Some things like the kitchen require big dollars and careful consideration while other things like painting our bedroom and updating some of our decor are fairly inexpensive and straightforward, but can make such a big difference to the overall feel of our house. I have been procrastinating about some pretty minor changes that need to be made so I am hoping that by listing them here I might be more accountable and get on with it already!


Main Bedroom
Paint walls – definitely a priority because I just can’t stand the lavender any more, plus its clashing with all my carefully chosen bed linen.
Reconfigure the built-ins – our built-ins are a pretty good size but I don’t think they are fitted out well enough to maximise their potential.
Add artwork / framed photos to the wall – obviously I have been putting this off until the painting is done but I would love to see some family photos above our bed to make the room look more finished


My first preference would be to blow it up and start again, we are still collecting quotes and deciding the best way to go, I am however absolutely loving having some pantry space thanks to my $200 kitchen makeover so we can take our time on this one while we save up our pennies. Just to add annoyance to the matter, my oven light is no longer working.

We have a pretty small entry space in our house but I am in need on something that will hold keys, wallets and hopefully handbags off the ground and away from Skye’s inquisitive hands. After wasting way too much time on pinterest sourcing ideas I also like the idea of a mirror for last minute checks before leaving the house.

Front Door
I plan to add some storage boxes that will double as a bench to our front door way so we can keep all the shoes tucked away neatly. I think some kind of potted plant will make our door way a little more inviting too. I am planning a trip to Bunnings today to pick these up and hopefully will be able to tick this off the list quickly.


Dining area
I am ready for something new above our sideboard but I am not sure whether to place a picture rail or shelving of some kind above it or just find some new pictures to update the wall. Once again pinterest is not helping me to be more decisive!


Our spare room / office is almost completed but I have some shelving that needs to be fixed to the wall so I can have things set out in a more accessible way.

So who’s with me? What little things have been sitting on your house to-do list forever because you haven’t got the time or the motivation to make the changes? Fess up so we can encourage and motivate each other to get these pesky items off our lists and making our lives a little easier together!

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