Tuesday, 19 July 2011

When The Boys Set Up House

As I mentioned in my post last week, Luke is working away at the moment and is staying in a holiday house with some of his contractors for the duration of the job. Skye and I will be staying there occasionally too because its in a great location and the layout of the house means that there will be plenty of room for everyone, but I had no intention of being up there the first week so I could play ‘wifey’ and get the house setup for them. I figured by the second week they would have most things under control and it would be safe to pay them a visit… plus I had been busting to check out the kitchen.


I should start by stating that Luke has never been very keen on grocery shopping. In fact he has made it his life mission to be so painful if he ever has to assist with the groceries that he has not ‘helped’ in about 3 years. His idea of helping is to push the trolley, allowing for a total of 3 stops throughout the supermarket to allow me to place items in the cart. Needless to say I use all my stops before we have finished in the fruit and vegetable section so I spend the rest of the trip throwing things past his head hoping they will either land in the trolley, or knock him out long enough for me to catch up.

I had been assured that one of the Project Managers had accompanied them to the supermarket for their first shop and the house had been well stocked. They had also done a top up shop the day that Skye and I arrived. Now, don’t get me wrong, I never expected there to be any MasterChef action going on, these boys are used to living the good life with loving partners who take care of all the cooking, and do it pretty damn well too, but I was a little taken aback when they proudly announced we were having hot dogs for dinner. WTF? Sorry, but I don’t do hot dogs. This is what I discovered in the freezer, I didn’t even know frozen pizzas came in boxes that size.


My second issue was with the fact that the only cheese in the house was of the plastic processed variety. This was when Luke decided to inform me that this is his favourite kind of cheese. If he had been helpful enough to enlighten me to this fact at some stage in the last 11 years, preferably before I just bought 2 months worth of block cheese from Aldi, we could have saved a small fortune! In fact, I could probably afford to have that lovely kitchen in my own house.

My final clue that perhaps they have it too easy at home was when I first used the loo and saw that each of the 4 toilets in the house had been thoughtfully supplied with a 12 pack of toilet paper, but not one sink (including the kitchen) had any soap. Call me fussy, but if there is that much activity going on in the bathrooms I would hope that people are washing their hands! I am beginning to wonder if the soap at home is considered decoration.

All-in-all they did pretty well though and I am sure that they have relished being able to buy white bread, drink full cream milk and eat cheese and bacon rolls for breakfast every morning. They did get brownie points for having a massive bag of frozen vegies on hand. Their short-comings were simple enough to overcome, my girly needs were promptly met with a trip to the local shopping centre which is all of a 3 minute drive away. Heaven for someone used to having to drive 20 minutes to their nearest supermarket. I think I will stay a little while longer yet, besides, someone has to make sure the kitchen is used to its full potential.


  1. brilliant! use that kitchen, just make food for you and skye!

    Ummmm that is bloody hilarious about the multiple lots of toilet paper!

  2. I had a good giggle about the plastic cheese. My husband went away for work early in the year and I packed him an engel of food including colby cheese slices. When he came back and I unpacked his engel I found plastic cheese slices. I thought it was his mates and he then told me he prefers plastic cheese. We've been married for 6 years and I had no idea!!

  3. Oh Gemma I fear that all that plastic cheese might mean they really need all that toilet paper.
    I haven't actually had to cook much at all while I have been here, but I did have to step in when hubby suggested we have mashed potato AND alfredo pasta with our BBQ steak the other night. Sooo starchy.
    Boys! Sometimes I just have to shake my head and laugh.

  4. Males! No more needs to be said! :)

    Hope you get good use out of that kitchen hehe

  5. I wish my husband ate plastic cheese! He is a cheese snob!
    And he has also been known to stand outside the bathroom and see if my hands are wet and if I have dried them, he accuses me of not washing my hands! So maybe he couldn't go camping with these blokes.
    Not that he is a princess; should make that clear.

    So love that kitchen. I would never leave!

  6. Jess I think your poor hubby might have a hygiene heart attack if he saw these guys in action. Cheese snobs must be quite expensive!


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