Sunday, 10 July 2011

Listography–Ice Creams

I don’t generally write on a Sunday, but I have been keen to get involved with the the Kate Take’s 5 Listography Linky for a while now and this week Kate has made it a no brainer topic for me so I am jumping on the band wagon. The fact that it is winter here makes no difference to me when it comes to ice cream, I will eat it any time of year and regardless of how full I already am.

1. Choc Mint Drumstick


Worth every damn calorie this one. I can’t believe I only discovered these in the last 12 months. Unfortunately these are also Luke’s favourite so the box does not last very long at our house.

2. Bulla Ice Cream Sandwiches

image of product

Vanilla, chocolate or cookies and cream, they all work for me. I wish they came in bigger packets.

3. Street’s Golden Gaytime

ice-cream gaytime

Mmmm crumbled up cookie things. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to drop a Simpsons reference. These things take me straight back to the little corner store from my childhood.

4. Almond Magnums


The grand daddy of ice creams. I rarely treat myself to one of these because they are just soooo naughty, and rather expensive. The mini ones are not allowed in our house either, Luke gets most cross if I don’t buy the real deal.

5. Cadbury’s Caramello Ice Cream Bars

I ate copious amounts of these while I was pregnant. The chocolate on them is so delicious and there is just the right amount of caramel swirl. Oddly I can’t find a single picture of this one, I sincerely hope it has not been taken off the market, I might just cry.


  1. Oh my goodness I must try those caramello bars. Mr Nutshell would love to eat the vanilla sandwich. He told me that this morning after we were discussing the listography. I told him I didn't think you could buy them in the wrapped silver paper any longer. He will be so excited when I surprise him. Thanks luvvie!

    So excited you are playing along!

  2. I to can eat ice cream any time of year. I love ice cream sandwiches! :)

  3. This linky is seriously bad for my waistline. Yum yum and yum!

  4. "Golden Gaytime" is it childish to snigger at the name?

  5. @NelNot at all Nel! My brother still refuses to eat them because of the name, even though he quite likes them too hehehe


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