Monday, 4 July 2011

The Silence Freaked Me Out

Last weekend I had one mission I wished to complete – cleaning the office. It is our last remaining non-child friendly room and as such can really only be worked in while Skye is asleep, or supervised by someone else. We had suffered some water damage with the weeks of heavy rain recently so the whole room had been rearranged to allow the carpet to dry out. With EOFY looming it was not practical for the room to still be in disarray so I had to get it sorted.

005 office


Luke had been occupying Skye outside while he washed the car and tinkered in his man-cave when he came in and called out to me that he was taking the car for a drive to dry off the water. I asked if he had Skye with him and he said yes so I listened as the car pulled away and continued with my office wrangling. After roughly an hour I was struck by just how quiet is was in the house and went to the kitchen to make a cuppa. As I looked outside I noticed the gates were wide open, and Skye’s dolly stroller was sitting in the driveway. I also noticed in Luke’s haste he had not taken any supplies such as drinks, food, nappies etc. with him and a wave of panic washed over me. Had I misheard him? Did he really have Skye with him or had he left thinking she was inside with me and she had actually wandered out the front gate to god-knows-where. Don’t be stupid I thought, he definitely said he was taking her, she is fine, don’t call, they will only think you are losing it.

391 office

I went back to the office but couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that something wasn’t right. I called Luke to casually ask if he had taken a drink with him for Skye and to my relief he said he hadn’t but they were at a friends house and she had eaten and was happy playing with the kids. I nearly passed out from relief! I had squandered almost 3 hours of productive free-time by questioning the silence of the house and the responsibility of my husband. Sometimes the voice in your head is spot on and you should go with your gut instinct, but in this case, it needed to just shut-up.

Now that I have embarrassed myself with these pictures of the office, you will have to stay tuned to see the end result. It probably should have been finished that day but my panic stopped me from being focussed enough to it completed.


  1. I totally understand those thoughts and once they are in your mind you can't shake them. I guess it is a mother thing. Hope next time you get the chance to organise it is more successful.

  2. Its either a mother thing or a lack of sleep thing (is there any difference?) Either way, my brain gets paranoid a little too easily sometimes :)


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