Friday, 30 March 2012

Exercise Isn't Always Good For You

Yep, I never thought I would say it, but it's true, sometimes exercising is NOT what your body needs. And I love to work out! Given the choice, I would work out 3 times a week, I enjoy being able to de-stress and be involved in an activity with other adults who share my passion and most of the time I am successful. Lately, things have been so busy, helping Clever Baker Friend with her market stall and getting the house ready for valuation, not to mention all the usual "there's a toddler in the house" jazz that happens. Often I feel too drained or uninspired to want to go the gym, but once I am there, I love it and come out feeling all the better for going. If anything, I have MORE energy after thrashing out an hour on the Spin bikes, or kicking the bejeezers out of the bags. But not this week. This week I knew what I really needed to do was just slow down, to take the pressure off, and stop pushing. 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

All My Friends Are Going To DPCON12

If you're not a blogger, you probably aren't aware that the Digital Parents Conference 2012 (DPCON12) is on this Friday, and it's a really big deal! All my blogging besties are going and I am totally bummed that I can't be a little spoon to one of them and help shield Jess from Diary of a SAHM from all the unwelcome hugs that will be thrust upon her. Not to mention how awesome it would be to have a weekend in Melbourne and do all fun grown up things like shopping and cool restaurants and cocktail parties. 

Oh, and I'm sure the actual conference would be good too. Look! I could have even had one of these pretty flashy buttons on my blog!

If only Beer Wench friend had outed me a bit earlier I may have had time to convince Mr Bond that me spending a whole weekend in Melbourne hanging out with a bunch of people he has never even heard about while he stays at home with Skye is such a great idea he would insist that I book my flights ASAP. 

Or something.

But alas, it is not to be, so instead I will be stalking Twitter for updates on what everyone is learning from the seminars and waiting patiently for my promised drunken FaceTime call from Maccas - did you know their smoothies make killer cocktails when spiked with Bacardi??? Last time I snuck booze into a Macca's container it was a bit of bourbon in a large Coke. See? Just another example of all the grown up stuff I will be missing!

Maybe if I start planning now I might just be able to make it next year.

To those lucky enough to be attending, I hope you have a great time and please, please, please share some photos on Twitter so I can at least pretend I was there!!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Why Won't You Go To Bed???

Bedtimes are a real struggle here at the moment. Nothing seems to work, warm baths, dimmed light, keeping the house quiet, but no matter what I try, I am met with resistance and bedtime is becoming later and later each day. Of course, late bedtimes mean grumpy mornings and very long days of crankiness and constant eating. 

But despite my best efforts,  it seems I simply cannot go to bed at a reasonable hour, and I am exhausted!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Things That Go Splash In The Night

Mr Bond has a rather unfortunate after-party trick that he brings out more often than anyone would like. After a big night out, he is likely to need to get up and use the toilet. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but apparently too much beer plays havoc with his internal GPS, which means that more often than not, he does not arrive at his intended destination. Instead, he makes use of outdoor pot plants, built-in wardrobes and on one particular occasion, our kitchen bin (which has since been replaced). The worst scenario is when this happens at someone else's (carpeted) house. After almost 12 years I have come to expect this and have developed a plan of attack to reduce the likelihood of awkward apologies the next morning. Sometimes though, my best laid plans fall short and when that happens I have to resort to vigilant surveillance. 

Like last weekend. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Top 10 Symptoms of 'Toddler'

Recently I have been struck down with a condition referred to in medical journals as Tiny Tornadoistis, but it is most commonly known as 'Toddler'. Symptoms may be mild or extreme depending on each individual case and can last for months or even years. There is no known cure for 'Toddler', but the condition will usually resolve itself in time. If you suspect that you, or someone you know is suffering from 'Toddler' here is a quick reference guide for the top 10 symptoms to look out for.

What do you mean you don't like my outfit?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Failures Of An IT Graduate

Some of you may have seen on Facebook last week that I was having issues with my old laptop. Actually my 'old' laptop was only purchased in December 2010 at considerable expense, so I was not at all happy when the hard drive decided it didn't want to play anymore. Fortunately I was able to back everything up onto an external hard drive or there would have been some serious problems. It was my now fault really, I had only said the week before that I was planning on upgrading to a Mac at the end of the year but wanted to  wait until we were a bit more financially prepared, especially since we would need to change over all the accounting software etc as well as the initial purchase price. I should have known if I said it out loud I was screwed and sure enough, last Sunday morning I got the Blue Screen of Death and decisions needed to be made.

Very Tempting Image Credit

Monday, 12 March 2012

An Unexpectedly Wonderful Weekend

Yes I am back this week after a far longer than planned hiatus (more on that later) and while a lot of things have been happening around here I thought the best place to start would be with a wrap up from the weekend.
Mr Bond and I attended a 30th birthday party on the weekend, the theme was your favourite sporting attire. Now, to be clear on this, the last themed party we attended with this group of people saw an array of involved and rather expensive costumes - we were in fact the only people in attendance that did not arrive in costume, so we wanted to make sure that we were not left out this time. 
After plenty of time on Google and a trip to a nearby party shop we were all set with our costumes. I was rather perplexed by the fact that mine did not come with pants, but after making some additions to the ensemble, I was ready to go.
Turns out we may have overestimated the dress code. On arrival we saw a sea of football jersey’s, a few cricketer’s and a couple of ladies dressed in op shop bowlers dresses. 
Then there was the four of us.
I can’t really do the outfits justice in words, I think the photo’s speak for themselves...
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