Friday, 30 March 2012

Exercise Isn't Always Good For You

Yep, I never thought I would say it, but it's true, sometimes exercising is NOT what your body needs. And I love to work out! Given the choice, I would work out 3 times a week, I enjoy being able to de-stress and be involved in an activity with other adults who share my passion and most of the time I am successful. Lately, things have been so busy, helping Clever Baker Friend with her market stall and getting the house ready for valuation, not to mention all the usual "there's a toddler in the house" jazz that happens. Often I feel too drained or uninspired to want to go the gym, but once I am there, I love it and come out feeling all the better for going. If anything, I have MORE energy after thrashing out an hour on the Spin bikes, or kicking the bejeezers out of the bags. But not this week. This week I knew what I really needed to do was just slow down, to take the pressure off, and stop pushing. 

Thursday is generally a rushed day here. Skye goes to Day Care, so I try to squeeze as much into that one day as possible. The day normally starts with a Pilates class followed by a Spin class (yes I would prefer them the other way around) after which I get the groceries done, smelling a right treat too I can assure you. Then I head home, unpack, shower and eat. By now it is after lunch and I have some kind of appointment to get to, either meeting the accountant, Yellow Pages guy, insurance guy, hairdresser, dentist, bank manager guy and on it goes. 

Most Thursday's I feel like I am just trying to keep up with my own self-imposed schedule and not really enjoying any of it. 

This Thursday was different.

Maybe it was the lull after finally getting the house valuation over and done with, or the fact that Easter is looming and things need to be organised or that I simply needed a bit of a break, but this Thursday my schedule was given the finger and I decided what I really needed to do was stop. 

If you had asked me Wednesday evening what I was planning to do the next day I would have said that I was going to go have a quiet day. I was going to go to my classes as usual, quickly do the groceries and then I was going to come home and spend the afternoon ordering photo's for Project Life, catching up on journalling for Project Life, blogging and reading all of the iBOT entries I have not yet got to. 

Does that sound farking relaxing to you?!?!

Of course not.

Clearly I am mental for thinking that was a quiet day.

In reality, I did none of these things (actually I did the groceries, but that was out of necessity). 

This Thursday I did this

Acquired some of these

And ended the day with one of these
Yes! Beer Loves Me Again
Taking that one day off was all I needed to feel recharged, refreshed and ready to take on the Bootcampers tomorrow morning. No, it wasn't a long break, but it has definitely made a difference!

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