Monday, 2 April 2012

Oh Give Me Land, Lots of Land... Or Some Ear Plugs

As the house hunting continues and our wish list seems to grow longer by the day it is starting to seem like we will never manage to find the 'ideal home'. One of our deal breakers that is currently creating a problem with many potential new homes is our need for a large yard with side access and a oversized shed for all of Mr Bond's Man Cave paraphernalia. Blocks here are pretty small and houses tend to take up most of the block. Low maintenance, but a little too claustrophobic for my liking. 

Some homes here are wedged in so close to each other you would think they are actually a block of units! Even our current home can be a little close for comfort sometimes, a fact that was highlighted last week when I was setting up our new iMac. 

A neighbour has named their wi-fi network "We Can Hear You Having Sex". Yes, I'll admit it's a little bit funny, but I am also a little disturbed by the idea that someone in our street may be able to hear our amorous activities, or worse still - one of our 70 year old neighbours is a screamer.


The mere thought of this makes me dream of moving to an acreage with nothing but chickens and sheep to disturb us. 

Suddenly my longing for my own bathroom, a walk-in pantry, or even a dishwasher has been overshadowed by my need for some breathing space between me and the neighbours.

After all, if I wanted to know that much about them, I would have moved in with them!

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