Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Awesomely Great Grandparents

Last weekend we had a visit from Mr Bond's Grandparents, Skye's Great Grandparents (obviously). To me that is a pretty big deal especially considering that Grandad requires a constant assisted oxygen supply and they are both in their late 80s, not to mention the fact that they live six hours away! That trip is a mission for most people and honestly it does take it out of them, but they love coming over to see everyone so much just try and talk them out of it.

Their visits are all the more special for me as my own Grandparents had passed away by the time I was 13 and ever since Mr Bond and I have been a couple, they have always treated me like part of their family. It has helped to fill a void I did not even realise was there.

Sure their health is not as good as it used to be and I often wonder if their visits are getting to be too much of a strain, but seeing the joy they get from simply being around us (particularly Skye) is something we all treasure. Despite their physical limitations they are both very much still with the game, particularly Grandad who may be quieter than Nannie, but that is just because he is waiting for his opportunity to catch you out with some quick comment you aren't expecting. 

It blows me away to think of all the changes and advances that their generation has lived through in their lifetime and it saddens me that the amount of knowledge and life experience they possess is not treated with more respect. Actually, I would just be grateful if Nannie would pass on her famous meatballs recipe, but since she never follows a book or even measures things, she can't really tell me. 

So she says.

I know we are lucky to be able to share our pride and excitement as parents not just with the doting grandparents, but the previous generation too. I realise many don't have that and those that do shouldn't take it for granted. 

Of course Skye relishes all the bonus spoiling that only a Nannie can give too.

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