Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Babycino's, Fluffy Slippers and Car Strollers - The Essentials Of Car Servicing

This week it was time to get the car serviced. Oh the joy. When you live hundreds of miles (ok, like 20 minutes) from everything, it's just not practical to drop the car off and then try to get back home only to have to try and get back to pick the car up a matter of hours later. Plus, public transport is pretty much non-existent on the Central Coast of NSW, so our best option is to make a day of it at the nearby Westfield Shopping Centre. 

This time I thought I had it all planned out. After too many occasions where I thought I would be nice and tell them I had no particular time I needed the car back thus spending roughly 7 hours pacing up and down the same 5 stores waiting for my magic phone call, I had told them that I required the car back at lunchtime. We would go to the shops for a couple of hours and pick up a couple of things, then head home in time for a nap.


Never going to happen.

The major snag in the planning was the fact that the tarp on the back of our ute had been left off over night, which of course meant we had torrential rain. Not a big deal except that is where I keep the stroller. 

Insert colourful language here.

I decided against trying to drag the bulky pram out of the garage, firstly because I was running late and secondly because that thing is far too big for manoeuvring through shops or even the toilets for that matter. 

Instead, I decided to just wing it and hope that 3 hours was manageable for Skye to wander beside me. Besides, there are plenty of play areas and places to stop. 

It was only when I arrived at the shopping centre that I remembered it was still school holidays and with all the rain there was a fair chance it was going to be packed.

Hold me.

I knew I needed a game plan and quick. I knew we were there nice and early so we would probably be able to beat most of the crowds as long as I kept Skye amused, things would be just fine.

The day basically went a little something like this.

Drove the car at the play area

Hung out in the plush dunnies in the Parenting Room, complete with more play equipment. Note the newly acquired slippers that had to be worn immediately after purchase.

Morning Tea break. Babycinos - god bless you.

Drove a bug looking thing - I am not crazy enough to let her know these things can move if you put money in them.

After all this and a visit to the pet shop to look at the puppies, we had only been there an hour! I was running out of options and Skye was running out of walking legs when I spotted these.

Car strollers, $5 an hour - why on earth do I not do this always??? The basket in the back is massive too!

Just when I was starting to want lunch and it was getting uncomfortably crowded, I got the call to say the car was ready so we headed outside to be picked up. Since it's school holidays, there was even balloons.

As an added bonus Skye slept the whole way home.

Car service was a success!

Oh, and the car is much nicer to drive now too.
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