Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Who You Gonna Call? Mouse-Busters

There's is a mouse in our house. Actually there is a couple. I don't know for sure where they are getting in, or why they are coming in to start with, I just know they are freaking me out and I would very much like it if they would just bugger off already. 

Meet my Chief Mouse Hunter, Bundy.

Don't let the box head and keg body fool you, he's about as scary as a basket full of newborn kittens, but slower. I have seen him spend half an hour trying to find a piece of chicken skin sitting on his back. 


So you can imagine his hit-rate with catching the mice. I actually think the mice are telling their friends to move in because its so nice and peaceful here.

We thought he may have been improving last week. Mr Bond spotted a mouse scurrying into the bathroom from behind the TV unit. After casually mentioning to me that one had run in there I immediately requested that he do something about it. Calling on his trusty sidekick to assist him, Mr Bond and Bundy entered the bathroom. 

I knew it would be fairly simple for them to corner the mouse in there since there is only one place he could have been hiding - under the vanity. I watched them both perched in the doorway waiting for signs of movement. Bundy was strutting over to inspect the bathtub, looking in every direction except where the mouse was when Mr Bond called him back to the vanity, pointed at the mouse, pointed at the mouse again, let out a little squeak as the mouse ran out at the both of them and then quickly stunned the mouse into submission with a knock on the head. Bundy, finally catching on to the commotion pounced and disposed on the mouse.

Nice one Bundy!

A couple of days later I was walking through the house and noticed that all too familiar smell of deceased mouse. Two in one week? Cool, we will be rid of these mice in no time. 

I spent roughly half an hour wandering around the house performing the sniff test in every corner but having trouble pinpointing the location. I spotted Bundy sleeping on his inside bed and I went over to rouse him, hoping his new-found hunting skills might help me when I noticed the smell getting stronger. I peered into the corner of Bundy's bed and noticed the little deceased mouse curled up next to Bundy on his bed! 

For crying out loud dog, you aren't supposed to spit them back out, especially while you're still in the house!!!

So I am off to buy some mouse traps today, here's hoping they are more effective.
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