Tuesday, 3 April 2012

To Market To Market To Sell A Cake Pop

Last week I got to play Baker's Assistant to Clever Baker Friend as she prepped for a local Market Night. She had about 4 billion Cake Pops to make and not quite enough time (or hands) to do the job solo, so I stepped in as Sous Chef. I also got to help out on the night selling the pops which meant that I got to see roughly 500 kids (and some overly excited adults) practically wet themselves at the site of all the brightly coloured treats we were offering.

It was the first time in a very long time Clever Baker Friend and I got to spend a bit of girl time together without the kids (thanks Mr Bond and Running Man!) and even though we had a lot to get through, it was still a pretty fun way to spend the week, I mean, who doesn't love being surrounded by chocolate and sprinkles?!?

Of course, we had to make sure that the product was up to standard, which was where our Quality Control Department stepped in.

Everything Seems To Be In Order
Once all of the prep work was finished, it was time to head over to the market. Last year, Clever Baker Friend not only did all the making herself, but also manned the station alone, and sold out in 1 and a half hours! This year she wanted to make sure that no one missed out, so we bulked up the supplies and staffing, i.e. me, to ease the frenzy. 

I Dare You To Walk Past And Not Buy One
Now many of you will have already experienced the wonder of cake pops either DIY or purchased, but this market was also the launch of Clever Baker Friends latest mind-blowing treat. Designed with true chocoholics in mind, these babies come in a variety of flavours including Double Choc Mint, Strawberry Crunch (a surprising winner) Caramel Crunch, and of course Classic Chocolate. Essentially they are a biscuit hand-dipped in melted chocolate and decorated with beautiful (edible) patterns.

They Taste Even More Beautiful Than They Look
I had expected that with the delicate patterns and smaller size, these would be more popular with the adults than the kids, but many of the children there bypassed the Cake Pops to sample the pure chocolatey goodness, and came back for seconds!

Gratuitous Closeup
Want to see more of Clever Baker Friend's work? Visit her Facebook Page and say hello!

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