Friday, 20 April 2012

Writers Block? No, Just Clingy Toddler.

So many posts, so little brain capacity. That's whats happening around here right now. I have roughly four half written posts waiting for me to make sense of them but every time I sit down to finish one my brain goes into sleep mode. 

So I give up and watch Real Housewives, or Jersey Shore (because that won't kill my brain cells).

The only thing that is really going through my head lately is Skye's voice, in various states of whine. 

The joys of a toddler going through a clingy phase.

She has had them before and no doubt will have them again. Generally they coincide with a new tooth and since she still has a couple of molars to come through, I suspect that is probably the cause. But my God, Skye seems to have found a whole new level of demanding this week after insisting that she shower with me while I tried to wash my hair. 

Not such a big deal except that she wanted me to hold her the whole time. 14kgs of slippery toddler and shampoo are not a good combination. 

Mr Bond is away for work again which means there is no one to share the load. Not that it would help anyway, Skye wouldn't even let Gran get her out of the car this week because 'mum do it'. 

Actually I think 'mum do it', would have to be the sentence of the week.

Skye, can you put your shorts on? 'Mum do it.'

Mr Bond tries to get Skye out of her cot in the morning 'Mum do it.'

Skye, can you take your socks off? 'Mum do it.'

Skye, who's turn is it to take you to bed? 'Mum do it.'

Mr Bond tries to assist by running the bath 'Mum do it.'

I know I am good, but I am positive other people are just as capable of these menial tasks as I am. 

It's starting to impact on my ability to retain anything for more than two minutes. Real conversations with adults see me drifting off mid-sentence, asking the same question over and over, or just forgetting what I was about to say because Skye requires me to pick her up.

I don't generally like to indulge her too much during these clingy phases, but I just don't have the mental capacity to think long term about my actions. I didn't even realise I was already wearing the pair of earrings I just spent half an hour searching for this morning so I doubt I am capable of proactive parenting.


Here's hoping the teeth come through soon and I can stop writing rubbish posts like this!
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