Thursday, 9 February 2012

5 Reasons Why Retail Drives Me Crazy

I am sure you have noticed by now that I love a bit of shopping, but it may come as a surprise that I hate going to the shops. It’s not just the obviously annoying things like the crowds, the lack of parking, and of course the mission that is getting Skye in and out of the car and convincing her to sit in a stroller while I do my thing. Everyone hates that, so there wouldn’t be much point in my ranting about that would there? Of course not. So instead I have put together the top 5 not so obvious reasons why retail shopping drives me crazy.

Poor Customer Service
OK, so this is probably a pretty common one, but indulge me. Last week I purchased an iron from a rather reputable appliances retailer. I took the advice of the very helpful sales assistant and purchased a mid-range model expecting that it would be more than suitable for my sporadic requirements. Once I got it home and gave it a test run I discovered it did not actually get hot, at all. Iron101 fail. The next day I returned the product wanting to exchange it for a different model and was treated like I was being difficult for doing so. I would have thought that for $90 it was reasonable to expect that the product performed its most basic function. Apparently their customer service department disagrees.

Coin Operated Trolleys
Without fail there is an issue that prevents me from being able to get my damn $1 back quickly when I have to use one of these. Last week I went to return my trolley only to be met with this. It bothers me that at least 7 people were stupid enough to park their trolley the wrong way, but it bothers me even more that the last one’s connector was broken and I couldn’t do the same thing. I am also most unimpressed that Dan Murphy’s uses this system now.

036Dude, you’re parked across the lanes

Ambiguous Ticketing
If something is on sale, is it too much to ask that the price on the ticket (or shelf) indicates this accurately? I am terrible at Math, having to work out what 30% off will mean to my bank account gives me a headache, trying to decipher whether the item I have picked up actually  belongs on that 30% off rack gives me a headache, trying to find an item of equal or lesser value to get for half price gives me a headache. When I get a headache I walk out of the shop and go and buy a coffee. I’m no Mathematician but I do know 30% off an empty trolley
equals no sale for you.

Last Minute Sales Catalogues
I recently purchased a t-shirt for Australia Day, once I got home I flicked through a catalogue for the same store offering the same t-shirt for almost half the price I had just paid – starting the next day. The difference was not enough to justify the hour trip there and back, but what really annoyed me was that retailer was marking these items down a week before Australia Day and I was being penalised for getting organised beforehand.

019Maybe if I didn’t pay full price for the shirt I could have afforded to buy some Sunscreen

Easter Eggs before New Years Eve
Seriously, what is up with that???  I have just worked out how to get through the supermarket without Skye spotting all the Christmas jazz and now I am having to convince her that she wouldn’t really like Cadbury Crème Eggs. Apart from that, if I start eating Hot Cross Buns now I will be the shape of a Hot Cross Bun come Easter. Ease up already, it’s only February!

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