Saturday, 25 February 2012

Tag I’m It!

Milina over at Little Red Vikings has tagged me in the latest bloggy tag game and asked me to answer the same questions she responded to here. I like joining in on these ones because the questions are usually a good combination of intriguing and random so you get to find out a little bit more about the person behind the blog, in one easy-to-read post. So to keep things nice and simple I’m just going to jump right in and get on with the questions.

Describe yourself in seven words

Impatient, happy, tired, shopaholic, fit, fun, procrastinator

What keeps you up at night?

  • All of the things I meant to do today, or forgot to today and won’t get a chance to do tomorrow.
  • Where I am going to put Skye’s ever growing toy collection.
  • Why am I still awake? I have to be up again in xxx hours, I should be asleep!!!
  • Should we put an offer in on that house?
  • The latest half written blog post that just struck me as I was getting into bed.

Who would you like to be?

  • A calmer more patient version of who I am right now.
  • I would love to be able to let go of all the little trivial things that bother me and spend more time focussing on all the amazing things in my life.
  • I would like to be more outgoing and overcome my shyness when meeting new people.
  • I would like to be more spontaneous – I am a slave to my to-do lists.

What are you wearing right now?

A black singlet and green shorts.

What scares you?

  • Heights
  • Spiders
  • Not being there for my family when they need me.

What are the best and worst things about blogging?


The people I have met and become good friends with whom I would never have had the chance to know otherwise.

Reading other blogs and getting a new perspective on something that I may have been struggling with.

Being inspired by all of the beautiful things people share on their blogs.

Having a detailed record of Skye as she grows that I will be able to look back on when she is older.

I like to keep my blog a happy place which means that I look for the positive side of things more often, this has given me a better outlook on life in general.

Overcoming some of the isolation you can feel as a mum. This was especially true when Mr Bond was working away.

Having a space of my own to express my thoughts without interruption from the 2 foot tornado that is constantly circling my feet. 


Realising that many of the people you have formed friendships with live a considerable distance from you and getting a chance to meet them face-to-face is difficult.

Feeling like I would never be crafty/creative/rich/clever enough to reproduce some of the outstanding things I come across on people’s blogs.

Not letting the time I spend writing, replying, reading and commenting interfere with the real life world.

Compulsive stat checking.

What was the last website you visited?

Diary Of A SAHM – I was trying to submit my linky for another awesome post by Jess!

What is one thing you would like to change about yourself?

I would like to get rid of the dermatitis on my hands right now so I can wear my wedding band for more than an hour!

Slankets - yes or no?

NO! Throw out the contraception now, you won’t need it! I don’t care if they are red, black or leopard print, those things are passion killers.

Tell us something about the person who tagged you

I discovered Milina recently through Instagram. Loving seeing so many blogs I hadn’t come across before on there! I have yet to really have a good poke around her blog but I would like to share a couple of the posts I came across and really enjoyed:

Mothers are increasingly seeking more support for the pressures they put on themselves, but have you ever been asked this by your GP"?

Confronting Question

An excellent post reminding parents of the dangers of home poisons

Poisonous Topic

And finally this one, just because it is so damn gorgeous!

Quiet Time Cuddles

Now the fun part continues. I get to tag five bloggers so they can now share ten things about themselves.*

Lee at Mummy Issues Part 2

Fiona at My Mummy Daze

Yvette at Delightfully Tacky Little Squirts

Robyn at Slightly More Depth Than A Teaspoon

Loz at Ninja Tales

Thanks for playing!

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