Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Honeymoon Is Over–TV In The Bedroom

I have long held the belief that having a TV in the bedroom signals the end of romance in a marriage. Since we are the masters of all thing romantic in this house (ahem) I have stuck by this belief for almost 12 years. When Mr Bond and I were both working long hours the only time we really had together through the week was spent watching TV together. Sure we didn’t always want to watch the same thing, but at the time we only had free-to-air channels, so options were limited and for me it was more important to at least be able to sit in the same room together, even if there was little conversation. Fortunately, Mr Bond had never seemed overly keen about the idea of a TV in the bedroom either.

Apartment-Best-Bedroom-TVI could probably put up with it if it looked like this Image Credit


Fast forward 2 years and I have started coming around to the idea. It started while Mr Bond was working away last year. There was something unsettling to me about sitting up by myself in the lounge room watching hours of mindless programs. Since I have never lived on my own I hated going to bed alone, being able to fall asleep to the drone of a TV was appealing and I found myself scouring catalogues and investigating the cost of Foxtel multi-room (you can’t expect me to miss out on Real Housewives can you???).

Once Mr Bond was back home full time it was a struggle to have to share the remote. As if the constant Dora-thon wasn’t bad enough I had to share at night too! I had forgotten about all of the variations of wildest, deadliest, dirtiest, fishingest, trucker-builders that I was once again being subjected to. Thank God we have IQ and I could tape all of my preferred viewing trashiness.

Just when I thought we had it all figured out and I was working that Series Link like a MoFo I remembered something that had me diving back into the catalogues. Something so horrible that I can’t believe I had missed it, and it starts this Thursday.

Footy season.

As if it wasn’t bad enough when we only had free-to-air and Friday night’s and Sunday afternoon’s were all about trying to understand terms such as ‘double movement’ and ‘hospital pass’ and all the other random shouting at the screen, but NOW we get Super Saturday too! We never miss a game, ever.

It’s torture.

Even the eye candy is a little sparse, for every one of these you get.

John-WilliamsImage Credit

You get about 15 of these.

Manly Sea Eagles Training Session -z86SIyZ2oVlImage Credit

I think I need an escape.

Do you have a TV in the bedroom? Does it save your marriage during Footy Season?

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