Thursday, 23 February 2012

Proud Mummy Moments– My Sweet Natured Girl

Real life has been getting in the way of Eat Play Bond recently and this meant that I missed my chance to link up with Diary of a SAHM’s iBOT this week. Luckily for me Jess has decided to do another linky this week which is giving all of the adoring and proud mummies out there a chance to brag about their gifted and special offspring and celebrate the proud moments of other mummies too. Kind of like a big virtual high five to all of us for raising such wonderful children. You can check all of the posts out here.


I have a lot of proud mummy moments, like when I realised that Skye can identify an obscure animal in a book, or that she can sing the ABC song, or drink out of a big girl cup. But the things that make me proudest are when I see another aspect of her personality developing and how she is becoming a little person in her own right.

We have known for some time that Skye is stubbornly independent and determined which as I have said before is a wonderful trait to possess but can be rather exhausting on mummy. At times these traits overshadow the sweeter side of her personality but lately this side of her has started to shine.


After having a pretty non-cuddly newborn I have been relishing her new found affectionate side. Whether she has spent the whole day at Day Care or I have left the house for five minutes to get some bread, Skye greets me with open arms, exclaiming “MUMMY!” with such enthusiasm it is as if she thought I may never come back. She runs towards me and throws her arms around me. If I have not bent down quick enough she will wrap her little arms around my legs and kiss my knees. I cannot think of a single time when anyone else on this planet has been that excited to see me.


When I read her a bedtime story, we squeeze into her chair with all forms of blankies and teddies but she makes sure that as I read she is holding my hand and watching intently. As I put her into bed there are kisses and hugs and softly sung songs before she looks up and me and says ‘nigh, night’ before rolling over and closing her eyes. That is her way of telling me that she is happy and settled for the night, my work here is done.

Her affections are not just reserved for me either, Mr Bond is usually met with the same welcome home each day. I love seeing her face light up and I think Mr Bond appreciates it too after a long day. Bundy too gets a hug in the morning (whether he likes it or not) and a big wave good bye as we leave.


Even her teddies are showered with hugs and kisses as she plays. It is beautiful to watch her being so gentle and loving. It makes me so proud that she is developing such a well-rounded personality and despite the obvious toddler challenges, she is still a sweet natured, loving little girl.

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