Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I Suck At Girl-Code

I am not sure what the female equivalent to Bro’s before Ho’s is, Chicks before Dicks perhaps? In any case, there is an unwritten rule that girl friends are supposed to stick together and support the sisterhood in times of disagreement with their significant other. I am not very good at it. Sometimes I deliberately jump ship to side with a friend’s husband in a discussion and other times it is completely unintentional.

Like last weekend.


Clever Baker Friend is in the process of doing a very involved and very exciting home renovation, actually for all intents and purposes it will be a completely new house when it’s done. I am totally living vicariously through their plans and love hearing about their choice of fittings, fixtures and the ever important colour selections. As work will be commencing shortly, there has been much discussion of tiles vs. floor boards, the virtues of differing types of kitchen cabinetry and the colour of the decking that will run around the pool. Clever Baker Friend sees her vision as a seamless modern masterpiece showcasing many of the gorgeous features seen in the glossy magazines, and some I have never even seen before, while Mr Clever Baker Friend aka Running Man is getting all hot and bothered about the potential for TV sockets in each room and power points in every corner.

You know, the boring but essential details vs. mind blowing aesthetic.

Problem is that I often find myself agreeing with Running Man’s logic on these things. I don't know if it’s the fact that dad is an electrician or that I am a bit of a geek myself, but the idea of all those power points had me excited and sadly, I found myself in the unfortunate position of siding against Clever Baker Friend. Not only did I agree with Running Man, but I managed to turn Clever Baker Friend’s wish for hard-wired speakers against her by suggesting that it wouldn’t work unless Running Man’s cabling was also installed.

Girl-code fail.

It’s not the first time I have ditched her beautiful ideas on favour of the practical but slightly less attractive preferences of Running Man. It was the same when I shared Running Man’s dismay over the cost of a new TV unit, Clever Baker Friend wanted a particular style, which in true form came with a stylish price tag. Instead of backing Clever Baker Friend, I agreed that the price of such items was unreasonable (sight unseen mind you).

Terribly helpful of me.

It has got to the point where Clever Baker Friend avoids the likelihood of these exchanges taking place unless I am fully briefed on her wishes. Even then I manage to bugger it up.

So I have decided that in the interest of maintaining my friendship with Clever Baker Friend I will be keeping my opinions on anything more critical than how many sugars I take in my coffee to myself.

I certainly don’t want her to disown me right before they finish the pool!

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