Monday, 8 August 2011

Listography–Things I’d Change About Myself

The lovely Kate at Kate Takes 5 is asking us to look inwardly this week and list a few things that we would like to change about ourselves. She hasn’t made it easy either, she has specifically instructed us to not focus on physical appearance but rather examine some of our perceived personality flaws. As I read through her list I realised that I probably would have listed these things too especially to be more affectionate and more patient, but lucky for you it turns out I have quite a few things that could use a little work…

1. Be More Assertive
I often manage to take on or even volunteer myself to help people when I really don’t have the time or energy to deliver on my promises. I almost always still get these jobs done but its usually at the cost of my sleep or sanity. I am starting to feel that my assistance is now expected and I have trouble saying no for fear of hurting someone’s feelings or letting them down. I know the world will not end if I say no, but I still struggle to open my mouth and say so.


2. Be Less Critical of Myself
Most of the time I am quite happy with my physical appearance but I do compare myself to others more often than necessary. Logically I know its a fickle waste of of energy and I should have more confidence but logic and self esteem don’t always connect. In my first step towards getting over myself, I am posting a close up.


3. Be More Outgoing
Many of my friends have told me that when they first met me they thought I was a snob. Now they know me better they understand that it is actually because I am very shy when meeting new people. I seem to become mute when required to make small talk with people in social situations. Ironically I worked in Hospitality for many years quite successfully and was rarely at a loss for words. We laugh about it now because it really couldn’t be further from the truth, but I do try to be conscious of making an effort to be more open and friendly when meeting someone new. You can see quite clearly just how shy I am once I get to know you below.


4. Log on to Real Life
Okay, I am not taking the heat for this one alone, we all do it right? Right? We have all been guilty of checking our Facebook and Twitter updates rather than have a full conversation with our partners. Sometimes I worry that I know more about the lives of the people I converse with online than my real life friends (not that I don’t think you are all wonderful). I do try to stay off line while hubby is home, but you all seem to have the most interesting discussions in the evening!

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5. Be More Decisive
I think this comes from a lack of self confidence as well as spending so much of my day making decisions for Skye, but when it comes to the simplest of choices I throw my hands in the air. For almost 8 years our bedroom has stayed the same shade of purple it was when we moved in. We have painted the rest of the house and I was happy to stay with the same colour for our bedroom until Luke suggested we do something different. I have been pouring over different colour schemes ever since and am still not sure exactly what I want. It’s only paint for goodness sake, and it can’t possibly look any worse than this.


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