Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Let's Catch Up

It's been so long (over 2 months in fact) since my last post, I honestly don't know where to start. While I shared the most important news with you yesterday, there has been plenty of other things happening or waiting to happen at Casa de Bond that are worthy of a mention. For simplicity and attention span's sake, photo bullet points are probably best for this exercise so here is a brief list of what's you may have missed while I have been AWOL:

I spent a bit over a month laying around feeling like I was dying until I discovered these. Seabands I love you.

Which allowed me to peel myself off the lounge just in time for Mr Bond's Birthday

We bought an outdoor fire and toasted lots of marshmallows

I made some more impulse purchases (mostly online)

We began having some success with Skye on the toilet

I scrubbed till my hands were raw preparing the house for valuations

Clever Baker Friend welcomed her third gorgeous girl which meant I knocked up a couple of kilo's of spag bol. P.S. Mini Baker #3 is the most adorable thing ever!!!

And Skye discovered how to take photo's with my phone

Some other events of note that I sadly did not capture on memory card would be:

My BLOGOVERSARY! I had planned on doing my first ever Vlog to mark the occasion but I'm vain and decided against publishing my first live experience whilst covered in hormonal pimples and with my complexion a distinct shade of green thanks to the morning sickness.

Skye changed Family Day Care because her Carer is relocating. Fortunately we were able to find a fantastic facility that Skye has transitioned to with little disruption, it is about 10 minutes drive away which is not as convenient as the 2 minute walk we had before but  she is enjoying it so much I have trouble convincing her to leave each week!

Mr Bond is STILL working away, and it's definitely not fun, but I will talk about that in more detail later.

And we have spent countless hours searching, debating, enquiring and budgeting for a bigger house that we are still no closer to finding a solution for. 

That's us in a nutshell, scintillating stuff right?

So tell me, what exciting things have been happening in your world lately? 

Feel free to add any links to posts you may have written that I need to know about xx
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