Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Toilet Training Progress Report


Post title.


The fact is there is NO toilet training progress. 

We are at the same stage of toilet training now that we were 5 months ago and frankly the cost of Pull Ups is sending us broke. 

Skye will happily drop a dooce in the toilet unprompted and I am eternally grateful to not be dealing with THAT in a 3.5 year olds nappy. But the idea of weeing anywhere other than a Pull Up or knickers just escapes her. You would think she would be sick of having wet ankles by now. I know I am entirely sick of mopping up piss.

I am not blameless in this predicament though. I have never pushed the issue because there was always something else going on and right when I probably should have made a more concerted effort, we decided to move house, bring home a new baby and send her to preschool. The last thing I wanted to do was cause stress or anxiety and the timing was always off.

I keep hoping that if I put her in knickers for the day she will stop relying on the little amount of absorbency Pull Ups provide and realise that the mess running down her leg is rather unpleasant and she would be better off getting to the toilet.

Apparently not.

At the moment Skye does not so much as even pause when this happens, but will continue to sit, soggy and smelly, going on with whatever activity she is too busy to tear herself away from.

I will ask her if she needs to wee, I will insist that she sits on the toilet even if she does not think she needs to, I will read books, sing songs, offer bribes, threaten toys, implement reward charts, you name it, I have probably done it.

It's quite possible consistency is the issue...

Some days we will go accident free and as long as I remind her regularly throughout the day, she will comply. Then the very next day she will simply refuse to go near the toilet and so the power struggle begins all over again.

I am seriously kicking myself I didn't force the issue more before we had Hayden. Even a placid, sleepy newborn takes up enormous chunks of my day that keeps me from the task at hand.

Was your child difficult to toilet train? 

Am I going to have to cling wrap the lounge?!?

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