Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Things That Go Roll In The Night

3am. A time that was once reserved for eating greasy pluto pups and staggering not-so-gracefully home from the pub. These days, there is still bleary-eyed staggering, but it is limited to the confines of my house, and there is a significant lack of pluto pups. Or booze.

The reason for my staggering lately is this:

Rolling Ninja
And his new game I like to call "I've rolled over and I need you to fix it".

The boy is super quick on the escape roll when I need to get him dressed, or change his nappy, but he has yet to work out how to roll back. 

Which is where I come in.

Were he to play the game once a night I could probably just get up, flip him back over and go back to bed. But Hayden really likes his new game, that or he is a slow learner, because the moment I get back into bed he is back on his stomach and squealing to be rescued. His current record is 5 times in half an hour.

Frankly, it's driving me bonkers.

He isn't hungry, he isn't wet, he isn't too hot or too cold. His teething seems to be inconsequential. He just likes to roll over and then complain about it. Short of stapling his sleeping bag to the mattress I am running out of ideas.

On the upside I am struggling far less with the idea of not having any more babies!

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