Monday, 25 April 2011

Hi! I'm so glad you found me.

Welcome to my life! Firstly I think a little introduction is in order, my name is Erin and I am a Stay At Home Mum to my beautiful daughter Skye. Through this site I hope to share not just the joys and challenges of toddler wrangling, but my favorite recipes, latest impulse purchases (there will be many) and often short-lived hobbies / projects that consume the hours of my day.

It is unlikely you will find any evidence of the breezy, relaxed coffee dates with friends, long walks by the lake or hours spent in front of the TV eating Tim Tams that I once imagined this phase in my life would be.  I am sure Karma and my mum have a good chuckle at my revelations of life as a SAHM and hopefully you will too.

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  1. Three of my favourite people
    kisses and hugs .. M


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