Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas: Festive Fatigue

It’s only 5 more sleeps till the fat man in the red suit shimmy’s his way down the chimney and I am starting to get very excited. I love just about everything about Christmas, putting up the tree, choosing the perfect present for everyone, baking the little gift packs, sitting around in our pj’s opening our presents before breakfast and of course sitting down together for the big lunchtime feast!

The problem is that real life is interfering with my preparations. Mr Bond working away, then coming back early, then thinking he had to go back all this week, then not needing to has made time management tricky. Food poisoning, houseguests, postal delays, teething and unpredictable weather patterns are all working against me and I have been wiped out with a case of Festive Fatigue.

In theory, I should be organised, I should be able to get ALL the things on my list done, and look like this while I’m doing it.

housewifeImage Credit

But this is not the 50s, I do not own pearl earrings and would not be caught dead in a red check apron.

So right now I actually look like this.



That right there is the pictorial definition of Festive Fatigue, you will recognise it by the vacant blood shot stare, neglected hair and complete lack of make up. My medication (shown above) is helping, but should be taken in small doses as it may affect your ability to wrap presents or write cards.

The only known cure requires you to get a grip, stop fantasising that you are Martha Stewart and where ever possible, DELEGATE!

So I am wishing you all some more time for yourselves this week and giving you permission to say no to the things that just can’t be done, like fashioning your new door wreath out of an old coat hanger and chux wipes. Trust me, we will all be happy you never got around to finishing that one!

Are you suffering from Festive Fatigue? What was your worst Martha wannabe moment?


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