Friday, 2 December 2011

The Summer of…Me!

Gemma at My Big Nutshell is one clever lady, she has decided to reclaim her right to her own summertime fun this year and even better she is encouraging others to share their plans for staking a bit of ‘self’ in the blur of Christmas celebrations and kids activities that we face when the weather warms up. I am especially excited about the idea as this summer will be the last months of my 20s so I feel it is an important reminder for me to not lose sight of myself and what I love just because I am also a mother and a wife.

07022009Pre-baby summers


When I let my imagination run wild with the possibilities of what my summer could be, essentially it consisted of me doing very little other than looking fabulous and having my drinks brought to me, and of course a significant absence of housework duties. The location was variations on a theme of white sand, crystal clear blue waters and salty sea breezes. As luck would have it, much of this dream can become a reality so here is my plan of attack for the Summer of Erin!

I would very much like for Mr Bond to assume that I would like an alcoholic beverage by 3.59pm each day and appear with said alcoholic beverage, on time, without my input. I am making the statement now that my beverage of choice will be Mojitos, in pitchers, with lots of ice. I will also be most appreciative of a Corona with lime or a large glass of Gossips Moscato (I’m easy like that).

mojitoJust like this one please Image Source

Our summertime menu will consist largely of BBQ’s as this will require little involvement from me with the added bonus of keeping our electricity costs down.  I look forward to large bowls of fresh prawns, crunchy salads and platters of stone fruit. I am researching the virtues of using plastic plates during this time to cut down on time required to wash up after these feasts.

Once Skye has been put to bed for the night Mr Bond and I will spend our summertime evenings sitting outside in the cool night air just enjoying each others company. After 5 months of part time living I can’t wait for us to be able to have a daily debrief together.

Carnival-Colours_brand_imageAn ideal outfit to wear when someone else is bringing you drinks Image Source

As Mr Bond has spend quite enough time away from home this year, we will not be taking a family holiday. We are fortunate however to live near lakes and beaches. I plan on spending a lot of time out on our boat and at the beach as a family this summer which will give my fix of white sand and blue water. When we get out there early enough we can claim a bay all to ourselves and spend the day swimming, eating, fishing and most importantly relaxing.


I envision swanning around our boat in something like this to keep the sun off my fair skin, with the addition of a very large hat, when I am not floating about in the water anyway.

Staple-9_brand_imageMaybe not the shoes…Image Source

Despite the fact that we are not going on a family holiday, Mr Bond and I will have a summertime fling. In case anyone needs reminding, I am going to my first ever Big Day Out concert in January. We have already booked our accommodation to stay in Sydney that night and I am very excited about having a whole night and day away together with the luxury of being able to sleep in. Its the little details of my plan that make a big impact.

Nanna Naps will become a regular summertime indulgence. I will also make at least one visit to a day spa to experience 2 heavenly hours of silent pampering, preferably with someone to escort me home so I don’t have to deal with traffic whilst in my blissed out state.

I wish for my summertime beauty routine to be as low maintenance as possible and as such will be waxed from the neck down to eliminate the need for constant shaving and have an eye lash tint to maintain the illusion of being made up without having to apply any makeup.

My summertime fitness program will not be as intensive as it usually is. I have recently started taking Pilates classes and have thoroughly enjoyed the change of pace. I love being able to wear thongs to the gym and leave without actually breaking a sweat, yet still feeling as if I have challenged myself. This will be much nicer than walking out of the class with a purple face as I do after kick boxing or spin.

My eyes have taken a beating from hours spent in front of the computer lately so I will be scheduling an iTox (little to no computer and iphone use) during our summer break to reconnect with my real world family and friends and allow my tired eyes to recover.

No summer in our house is complete without some kind of renovation or home project being undertaken. This year I hope to finish off the outside of the house by laying a driveway and adding a stacked stone feature to the entry of our house. A replacement for our busted glass sliding door would make BBQing more accessible too. Inside I have been desperate to organise our office / guest bedroom for some time and now that we will be having regular sleepovers I am making it a priority to make this happen.

The Summer of Erin has no room for the drone of Test Cricket matches, I will permit their broadcast on the TV, but the commentators will need to be drowned out by this

Followed by this

Then depending on how many Mojitos I have had, a little of this

Which may or may not lead to a bit of this


Is there a crucial element of my summer plans I have missed? What’s on the top of your list for summertime happiness? If you are a fellow blogger and would like to join in with the My Big Nutshell Summer of… linky, you can find it here. 

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