Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I’ve Started Christmas Shopping–In June

I am not sure what is worse – the act or the admission. I have inadvertently begun my Christmas shopping already… and it’s not for Skye. Ordinarily I am a super freaky Christmas nerd with many self-imposed rules and expectations. It is one of the only areas of my life that is consistently organised and tracked, actually some would consider it compulsive. Months ahead of the festive season my cupboard is overflowing with items that I have collected, always for a specific recipient (I rarely buy gifts without knowing who they will go to). I maintain a spreadsheet of all the people I buy gifts for to ensure that I don’t buy them duplicate gifts, and use a gift app on my phone to keep gift ideas on hand at all times, but even I have NEVER begun buying gifts before the new financial year. I am even a little overly keen for those who celebrate Christmas in July for goodness sake!

004 xmas


I never meant for this to happen, I am still recovering from the last spell of birthdays that all seemed to come at once and was not in the least bit interested in spending money on things that were unnecessary. But those damn stocktake sales have just been too good to resist! As a side note I also managed to find myself some beautiful new sheets and a few items of clothing that were fantastic bargains, hmmm, I’m not sure that’s really helping my case now is it?

I subscribe to the “buy now to save money later” system which is always a bit of a gamble when you are talking six months out. The last time I did that was when I purchased a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law because it was on sale but I bought it so early she put a different request in, so I had to hold on to that face cream until Mother’s Day! Given the giftee (my brother, who doesn’t read my blog) is unlikely to race out of buy himself a nice dinner setting for 8 people despite mentioning his need for one, I figure this is a pretty safe bet. The only problem is now that I have unleashed the monster, its going to be difficult to get her back in the cage.


  1. Wow - a spreadsheet. I am impressed. Every year I dream of an orderly pre-organised Christmas and every year I get distracted and end up in last minute rush. I long for a place in my home where I can stash pre-bought gifts for Xmas, birthday, births and thank you's along with gift cards and wrapping for every occasion. One day....

  2. Hi Jodie, actually I am little embarrased about the spreadsheet, my family thinks its a great source of amusement :) What can I say? I just LOVE Christmas!


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