Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Where Does Skye Get Her Curly Hair From?

The number one question I get asked by people when they see Skye is where she gets her curly hair from. I very often think they are joking as I turn to look directly at them and they still do not see the frizzy mop sitting on my head. Skye looked very much like her daddy when she was first born, similarities in the hairline, and tiny mouth blew us both away when we saw this photo (below left) of Luke when he was just a couple of days old.

img030 luke babyRenee's Pics 092

But you just can’t fight the ‘fro and over the last 19 months she has started to look more and more like me every day. I figure after being the one to carry her for nine months, it’s only fair I get the bigger say in her genetic makeup.

n634232028_860407_4550 Ezzy029


  1. Erin's mummy :D29 June 2011 at 09:13

    And what a scrumptious little poppet you were in Grandma Betty's red clippy cloppys. Skye is definitely looking very much like her gorgeous mummy. xoxox

  2. She bears a striking resemblance to both of you! Love that curly hair!

  3. @cathy Thanks Cathy! Her hair gets wilder everyday and she refuses to let me tame it.

  4. @Gemma @ My Big NutshellThanks Gemma, her looks are actually a tool of deception so she can get away with all her naughty antics!


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