Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Not the Blankie!

We have suffered a loss of sorts this week – Skye’s “blankie” has been destroyed. Ok, so I may be getting a little dramatic, it is still functioning in its intended purpose…its just in two separate pieces. The problem is that the material is so threadbare that I doubt my limited sewing skills will allow any kind of repairs to be carried out.

012 blankie


Of course Skye could not care less that blankie is a mere shadow of its former self, I suspect that she has noticed the change in size, but has adapted fairly well. I have tried my best to limit the use of blankie to sleeping times only and generally Skye is pretty good about it, but as Luke and I were recovering from his birthday celebrations on Sunday and Skye had not had her recommended daily intake of napping, her little friend was allowed to stay in the lounge room to play. It was not until later that night when I was getting ready to put Skye to bed that I noticed a huge gaping whole where there used to be fabric. I am certain I let out some kind of muffled yelp at the sight of it and a mild panic washed over me as I began to wonder how on earth I was going to fix it.

086 pram

I have cut the material into 2 pieces hoping that inspiration will strike or at the very least I have bought myself some stalling time now that I have a back up to replace the half Skye is currently using when it inevitably disintegrates even further. My quandary now is whether to try and repair or somehow repurpose the existing blankie, attempt to introduce a new version and face possible rejection, or worse, acceptance and prolonged blankie attachment, or finally (deep breath) wean Skye from her sleeping buddy earlier than planned. Skye is instantly settled by the sight of her beloved blankie and I suspect that I have become almost as reliant on its use as Skye for protest free bedtimes. Hmmm, could it be time for us both the go blankie cold turkey???

162 car blankie

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