Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Rise of the Closet Mummy Blogger

I recently wrote a post about keeping my blog on the quiet from some of my family and friends HERE and I was surprised by just how many of us are out there doing the exact same thing. It got me thinking about what it is about blogging that has become so appealing to Stay At Home Mum’s. For me it was really a chance to put in writing a lot of the thoughts and experiences I have had in my short time as a mum. I don’t for one minute think that I am exceptional in what I do or how I do it, I don’t have a large number of children to deal with or a particular gift for baking, craft, organising or decorating, I just hope to spread a little joy by sharing my stories.

Before I give the wrong impression, I would like to say that I have a very supportive husband and family, but there are times when you are so caught up in making sure that everyone else’s needs are met, that your own happiness gets pushed down the list of priorities because there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Let’s face it, as wonderful as it is to listen to your toddler’s excited squeals and indecipherable rambling, it can be a little mind numbing. Blogging has become my way of hearing my own voice, its a way of expressing a whole complete thought without interruption.

I could speculate that the blogging boom is a result of women having children later, after they have established careers and who are not wanting to let go of their sense of self. Or that technology simply makes it so easy for us to share pictures, access wireless internet from anywhere and social network around the clock. It may be that we wish to boast about our beautiful children on a grander scale than a letter and photo to family can provide. Hey, it could even be as simple as the lack of entertaining day time TV available. I would say for me it is probably a combination of all these things.

So why all the secrecy? Surely if we are prepared to put all this stuff out there we should be prepared for anyone to read it, right? I can only speak from my own experience, but for me, I love that this is something that is just for me. It was a pretty big adjustment for me to be sharing my every moment with someone totally reliant on me for everything. The fact that not many people know I am doing this gives me a freedom of expression that may be limited if I was worried about what my loved ones thought.

The other reason I have kept this to myself is because I think many of my family and friends simply won’t get it. Why would you bother? Will you make any money? Who even reads it? You obviously have to much time on your hands.

Before becoming a SAHM I never felt the need to justify how I spent my day. If I wanted to have a nap on a Sunday afternoon (oh the memories!) I did, without judgement.  If I met up with friends for coffee, spent the afternoon drinking beer and watching the football or went shopping for an entire day and came back with little more than a new scarf I was never questioned. Now I feel that it would be seen as self-indulgent or a waste of time.

The people I have connected with in the blogging community don’t just get it, they have embraced it. They understand that while the general themes are the same – dirty nappies, sleepless nights, tantrums and housework, its the subtle differences in an individuals perspectives and circumstances that make each and every mummy blog so unique. Whether you are looking to be inspired, make improvements to your family life, have a laugh or heal a saddened heart, there is likely to be a blog out there for you. Really whether they are out and proud or incognito is irrelevant as long as its gives these closet bloggers a space to share their thoughts with the people who want to hear their stories.


  1. LOVED this post! You nailed it with "its the subtle differences in an individuals perspectives and circumstances that make each and every mummy blog so unique."

    It also gives you a sense of calm to know that you are really not alone, because there are people that 'get you'.

  2. Thank you Gemma! I absolutely agree! I have no idea how my mum did it without an internet connection, it would have felt quite isolated at times.

  3. Wow. Thank you for making me feel normal. I just started my 'secret' blogging world. I have been a SAHM for nearly two years now after being a career woman for 12 years. I just had another baby and just needed some kind of outlet.

  4. Hi Kaz! Congratulations of your second bubba, I am sure that you are in much need of an outlet and blogging is so therapeutic. Best of luck with your blog :-)


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