Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Another Step Closer to Being a Big Girl

Last week marked another small milestone in Skye’s development, another sign that she’s “not my little baby anymore”. Much like the mix of excitement and sadness I felt when Skye started to crawl, had her last breastfeed and took her first wobbly steps across our lounge room, Skye is no longer sleeping in a sleeping bag and is learning how to drive blankets and pillows.

I had hoped that I would be able to get though winter before we were dealing with kicked off covers and ice block feet, but alas, I obviously made the mistake of saying this out loud.

These tiny moments pass by so quickly, it is one of the reasons I decided to begin Project Life, to remember all the little details we often miss because we are distracted by life. The memories that are so vivid in my mind now, are sure to fade over time as I have more children and life continues to get busier. Capturing these seemingly insignificant details allows me to hold onto each phase of Skye's life as well as mine and Luke's that bit longer. The photo below was taken just 10 minutes after Skye was born and it was the first time Luke had held a baby. To me this photo captures the complete unconditional love and absolutely overwhelming sense of responsibility that you feel the first time you hold your baby. I instantly relive the closeness we both felt after experiencing childbirth together just by looking at this simple picture.

It is so easy to constantly look to what is going to happen next and not savour the present. In the short time I have been doing Project Life it has changed my perspective and taught me to enjoy the simple things. I see much more of the world through Skye's innocent eyes because I am paying attention. I love the look of concentration on Skye’s face in this photo as she studies Luke’s brushing technique. I am also amazed by how much she has changed in just 18 short months.

006 teeth
In years to come I know that Skye will appreciate the story all these little details create too. She will look through these albums and giggle at the excited look in her eyes when she pats Bundy, her wild curly hair that she will not let me tame, her cheeky little gappy teeth. I can imagine sitting down with her and showing her what the house looked like when we first moved in, our hideous hand-me-down furniture and of course the endless daggy haircuts and clothes we are so proud of today.

As my dear friend who introduced me to the world of Project Life put it, we are creating a legacy for our children, a true reflection of all that our life is. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Project Life is certainly the great novel of “us”.


  1. The smile on my daughters face when I show her my project life in progress is priceless. I love how she is so proud of 'Mummy's special book'. Project life has changed the way that I view my everyday. Its a must for everyone.

  2. It's so sweet isn't it? I can only imagine how treasured these albums will be in years to come. I think they would make great baby shower gifts.


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