Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Day at the Park

The weather here on the Central Coast was so beautiful last weekend that we just had to be outside enjoying it. We didn’t have anywhere in particular we wanted to go but I have been keen to take Skye to a park to play on some of the equipment and anywhere close to the water is a bonus. So we grabbed some lunch and went to a little park right across the road from the Channel where all the boats come through and there are often people fishing.

004 seagulls


This was the first time Skye had fed seagulls, I love that she shows no fear with new animals and situations and this was no exception, even when Luke placed pieces of chips right at her feet for them to take, she just squealed with delight and reached out for a pat.

011 with daddy on water

Once we had finished eating lunch we headed over to the waters edge to watch some of the boats and try to burley up some little fish with Skye’s left over vegemite sandwich, but Skye was more interested in trying to get into the water so we thought it would be safer to take her back to the park and let her have a play on the slide.

022 slide

Not content with the toddler-friendly slide, my little adrenaline junkie wanted to ride the big slide. Each time she came down the slide she let out an almighty “weeeee!” and laughed hysterically as her feet hit the ground again. I think she would have stayed there all day if we let her.

After not having any real plan for the day and not being particularly sure what we would do with ourselves, it turned out to be such a great day  and something I intend to do much more often.

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