Tuesday, 10 May 2011

OK, I am Weak, and I Buckled

"Hello, My Name is Erin and I am a Shopaholic". I do vaguely remember having a moment of clarity last week regarding irrelevant household purchases, but I was having some work done on the car and had to wait a couple of hours until they were finished. We were across the road from a shopping centre I am usually not anywhere near so I decided to spend my waiting time there, and then the shopping started...

In my defence, I believe I can justify each of these purchases and will now attempt to do so, as much for my conscious as for your amusement.

The Cupcake Carrier - well you can't very well get a Stand Mixer and Cupcake Decorating Kit for Mother's Day and not have a mode of transport for your latest creations now can you?

The Hair Care Pack - a buying loop hole, this was a gift for my mum for Mother's Day so technically its not for me therefore it's considered generous rather than weak.

Coffee Mugs - oh come on, how cute are they? AND they were an absolute steal at $2 each, how could I refuse? I did put some thought into these, I have had my eye on some new coffee mugs for a while but hadn't found anything that I liked enough to pay the asking price for. Luke complimented me on these too so that's a bonus!

Dog Jacket - now this one really isn't my fault, Luke told me to get this for poor Bundy because it is so cold here at night now, and he threw out the last one. This was actually on my list and as such not an impulse purchase. Oh, and he just loves it, look.

Jumper - OK, so this one might have been unnecessary, but a girl has to treat herself occasionally right? I have already worn this and can say with confidence that I will get plenty of use out of it.

Cutlery for Skye - I can see the cracks starting to appear in my argument at this point but this is the first set that isn't entirely made of plastic, and those plastic forks are pretty useless when a kid is learning how to stab food for herself.

So what's the verdict? Yes, I am weak. Yes, I should not be left unsupervised with so much temptation. Yes, there are probably a few things on that list that were not necessary, but you have to admit, they are pretty cute.


  1. Totally get it... no justifications necessary, yesterday I almost purchased a Dinosaur poster thinking that maybe one day it will come in handy when Master O learns about dinosaurs at school???

  2. Haha, nice one! I may have to update this post today, I am off to the stocktake sales this afternoon - who can resist 50% off manchester???


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