Thursday, 12 May 2011

Mexican Pizza

Skye has yet to experience the fun that is “Taco Night” where all manner of fillings and sauces are spread over the dinner table and everyone digs in to make their own creations. Luke likes to stuff his taco shells to the point of explosion with more cheese and BBQ sauce than most people would consider natural and I like to spice mine up with some salsa. Despite all the fun and fantastic flavour combinations, we just can’t manage to use up all the mince. I was getting a little annoyed at giving the leftovers to Bundy so I decided that we could have double the fiesta and make Homemade Mexican Pizzas the next night.

025 mexican pizza

The great thing about this apart from it being so budget-friendly is that you can pretty much add any topping you have on hand and its so quick and easy it makes the perfect mid-week dinner.

018 mex pizza 1

Generally I use a wholemeal pizza base covered with tomato paste, then I spread on the mince and add some slices of avocado and tomato as well as some sliced chicken. I then sprinkle some cheese and put a big swirl of BBQ sauce on top. Once it is cooked I just dollop some sour cream on top and carve it up.

021 mex pizza 2

Should I be embarrassed to admit that this only serves 2 people in our house?

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