Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Cat Shit Coffee Was The Highlight of My Weekend

Actually our weekend was great, my mum and dad came over and finished installing the lighting in the garage and carport, we caught up with many of our friends and Sunday afternoon eased into a relaxing session of hot chips and beers, but the best part for me was the chance to sample some of the exclusive Kopi Luwack (or cat poo coffee) at a friends house. Baby Crisis friend’s husband recently had a surfing holiday in Sumatra where the beans are produced which meant that the asking price was far cheaper than the $1400 per kilo tag it usually has here. Mr Bond wanted nothing to do with it, the whole concept totally grossed him out but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and I have to admit I was a bit taken in by the wanker factor too!

kopi-luwak-wikiKopi Luwack Coffee Image Credit

Armed with a bribe tea cake I arrived at Baby Crisis friends house with another friend whom I generally only socialise with during beer drinking hours. I am sure she was not expecting the answer she got when she asked “what are we drinking?'” on her arrival. Once the ground beans were percolated and our cups were in front of us I was a little wary, not because of the coffee’s origins, but because they insisted that it be drank with very little milk, just a dash for colour. This was a little daunting for a latte drinking skirt like myself but I figured I might as well get the full experience.

I took my first sip and I was amazed at the total lack of bitterness or after taste. There was no oily film like you get with regular espresso and I was glad I didn’t use any sugar because despite its potent caffeine levels it didn’t taste like there was much kick to it at all. I actually wondered whether they had given me a half strength one so as not to waste it. That was until I tried going to sleep that night and I was still very much awake even after midnight.

021Chai Spiced Tea Cake a la Donna Hay went surprisingly well with coffee.

It was a thrill to try something so unique but I don’t know that I would shell out the $50 per cup they charge in the only cafe in Australia that offers it. Even Baby Crisis friend said that it would only be drank on special occasions now that the novelty had worn off a bit. Not because they want to make it last as long as possible, but because it simply isn’t an everyday coffee. It is something to be savoured, it is an experience in itself that requires a certain amount of ceremony, not for the wanker factor, but for the same reason you don’t crack open a finely aged red on a Monday night to go with your spag bol (well, maybe I did once or twice), because it spoils it, you don’t get the same sense of enjoyment out of it.  

All Mr Bond was interested in was whether we could taste any ass in it – clearly he is not their target audience.

What exclusive food / beverages have you had the pleasure of experiencing? Did it live up to the hype and would you do it again?


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