Friday, 14 October 2011

Having a Baby Ruined The Fantasy

I’m not talking about bedroom fantasy’s, well, not unless like me your bedroom fantasy is to have a Walk In Robe concealed behind your bedhead and some kind of ensuite (any kind will do!). See I am realising that since having Skye my priorities have changed so much that even when I fantasise about my dream house, I am conscious of baby-proofing and stair gates. Once upon a time my dream home looked like this:

dream house

All it says to me now is DANGER! The TV is too low, the ornaments will get pulled over and smashed, all the hard edges are just an opportunity to take an eye out. The thought of stairs scares the hell out of me and rather than wishing for sleek cabinetry and statement lighting I focus on the breakable factor. It really has taken all the fun out of it.

cstairs21Image Credit

Even glossy magazines don’t do it for me anymore. I know that I probably won’t get to live in the  type of luxury that gets splashed across the pages of Home Beautiful but being able to immerse myself in that world even momentarily was heaven. As I flick through now I am looking at it through a different set of eyes. That gorgeous expanse of white rug will probably get covered in stains within the first week and the oh-so-chic bar stools are just an invitation for some little person to climb up and promptly throw themselves off again.

PHOTO_15141478_166953_25004317_apImage Credit

Sometimes I am just too practical for my own good, my desire for breathtaking views is overshadowed by the need for solid fencing and a level backyard. A pool seems like so much work, and just one more thing to worry about Skye getting into. In theory a cosy fire pit in the backyard would be a great place to gather with friends for drinks, who am I kidding? I would spend the whole time chasing Skye away from the coals.

68374-backyard-firepit-r-xImage Credit

Aahhhh the serenity!

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